5 International Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

International shipping can be a complicated and overwhelming process. The rules are different, the prices are higher, and if you get one thing wrong, your package may not end up at its intended destination.

There are many mistakes people make when shipping a package to someone in another country. Mistakes that lead to seemingly endless headaches and frustration, not to mention the months it can take to sort everything out. Fortunately, you can learn from these mistakes, ship your package correctly, and make sure it is delivered on time.

If you need to ship a package internationally, these are the mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. Not Doing Your Research

A common mistake people make when shipping internationally is not doing their research. You should research the cost of shipping, estimated delivery times, and all other pertinent information. Doing your research is the best way to be prepared and ensure your package is shipped correctly.

  1. Packaging Your Items Incorrectly

A common problem many people make when shipping is packaging items incorrectly. Without the proper packaging for items sent internationally, your items can be damaged or lost in transit. Make sure to research packaging recommendations for your destination and follow them carefully when shipping internationally.

  1. Using the Wrong Shipping Company

Using the wrong shipping company is a common mistake people make when shipping internationally. If you are shipping items from the USA to the Americas, you want to use a quality company like LCL shipping. Check the best shipping companies to use for your specific destination.

  1. Failing to Purchase Insurance

Failing to purchase insurance for your international packages is a common mistake, especially if you are shipping different items. Your package could be damaged or lost in transit, which may cause financial problems, depending on the value of the items you are sending. Because there are no guarantees, make sure to add insurance when shipping internationally.

  1. Not Understanding Regulations

Many people make the mistake of thinking international shipping is the same as shipping nationally. No matter if you are shipping gifts for relatives or items related to business, you need to follow the rules and regulations when you are shipping items overseas. Failing to follow the rules will result in your items not be delivered, so it’s best to abide by the regulations and recommendations.

These Are the International Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

By avoiding these international shipping mistakes, you can ensure your package is delivered on time and to the right recipient.

Do your research to understand what the process entails. Make sure to package your items correctly, apply all the labels, and purchase insurance in case anything goes wrong. You should also allow enough time for delivery and make sure you are using the right shipping company for your needs.

Follow these tips and you can avoid the common misfalls of international shipping.

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