5 LinkedIn Apps You Need to know

As we all know that the world is drastically transitioning into digitalization. Everything is just a click away because of mobile computing. If you are a social media user you’ll second that now everything is accessible.

Students are completing their degrees from online courses and starting their careers from different job applications.

Are you aware of LinkedIn? If not, worry not we have your back.

LinkedIn is one of the most famous and built-in apps which don’t need an introduction. It is the premier social platform for all professionals, as it offers a plethora of features for businesses, recruiters, and job seekers.

It is to help people in finding the right job opportunities for them.

As per the survey, more than 60% of LinkedIn members use the mobile app to visit the site. Despite the fact earlier we used to spend most of our time on the desktop searching but now you can access anything from your cell phone in seconds.

LinkedIn is one of the most demanding applications which have developed apps for iPhone and Android users.  You must be wondering whether LinkedIn is free or not. Well, the LinkedIn app is free and seamlessly connects you to your account.

This app is well-designed, fast, and easy to use. You can use it to check your messages, and invite people to connect with you. If you are new to LinkedIn you’ll be shocked after knowing the fact that LinkedIn has a list of different applications for different purposes.

That’s why today with the courtesy at DigitalSolomo, we bring you a list of apps that can help you get more out of your LinkedIn profile. The list includes everything from knowledge building to business development and networking tools.

If you want to know more about it, here are some of the most popular LinkedIn mobile apps.

All of these are free downloads and will help you to boost your experience and career.

LinkedIn (Google Play)

LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms which helps individuals in their career growth. Despite the fact that LinkedIn is a social media famous and demanding platform for businesses and professionals.

If you are searching for a job, LinkedIn ( Google Play) is the right option for you. You can post jobs, search for jobs, view payroll, get recommendations, advertise for the business, grow your professional network and update it as per the market.

LinkedIn (iOS)

As we all know, LinkedIn is one of the best apps to find a job in any field you’d like to build your career. The LinkedIn iOS app provides all the functionality of the website. As an all-around platform, it offers many opportunities for job seekers.

Moreover, you can also find many resources related to professional development and business and career advancement.

LinkedIn Learning

Did you know you can now continue your studies through LinkedIn? Well, don’t be shocked. LinkedIn learning is one of the LinkedIn apps you need to know which offers many online courses and online videos covering all aspects of the business.

Moreover all the content you’ll need while studying is categorized into topics, software, and learning paths.

The Learning app is free to download, but a premium account or subscription is required to access the content. If you have a Premium account, you have full access to LinkedIn Learning.

You don’t have to worry about If you don’t have a premium account, you can sign up for LinkedIn Learning for $29.95 per month. On the other hand, you can also purchase a subscription for $299.88 annually.

If you are wondering how you can take online courses through the LinkedIn learning app? All you have to do is stream or download all the courses from mobile apps for offline viewing. Moreover, most of the students used to download and watch courses.


Are you a marketer and looking for sb job opportunities? If yes, don’t worry you are on the right track.

One of the well-known apps on LinkedIn is LinkedIn Helper is the right option for you. This is because the app provides software that simplifies LinkedIn’s B2B marketing and advertising.

Now the question which mind strikes your brain is that h does this app world?

Well, the app has a versatile tool that handles sending messages to customized target prospects, sending invitations to second- and third-level contacts, and automatically replying to contacts. In this way, it helps to market the product.

It also has an integrated CRM that you can use to manage your contacts and their information which will make your work easier and quicker. So if you are looking to earn in the field of marketing, a LinkedIn sales navigator is the one.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you are from a sales firm and looking for some opportunities in the field of sales. LinkedIn sales navigator is the right app for you. This is because this is one of the most demanding apps to make money.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the LinkedIn flagship technique that helps you to sell the product in the market by finding leads and important accounts from your target audience.

Moreover, apart from lead generation it also helps you to get connected with your targeted market, by sending messages to them, and getting updates on the go. You must be wondering how you’re going to contact your target audience.

Well, with Sales Navigator, now you can follow the target company and important members of their organization, so you can be informed of the latest news and important personnel changes at your fingertips.

Since the app is very easy to use, you can quickly connect with your target audience through InMail when you’re not connected to them, or send them a free LinkedIn message to get in touch.

Now the question arises of how you can search for your target audience to sell the product. Well, all you have to do is create targeted LinkedIn searches with an advanced search field that runs 24/7. It also notifies you once you get your ideal market.

Once you get your prospect, open the notification, view the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, and decide whether to connect with them to start a business with them or not.

Moreover, keep in mind that for a good connection you must have a paid subscription charge to Sales Navigator to use the app.

You must be thinking about how much you have to pay for a LinkedIn sales navigator.

Well, LinkedIn offered two types of subscriptions to individuals. One is a professional version for users which cost around $80/month, and a second version is for corporate sales teams which cost around $130/month per person


If you are unaware of the LinkedIn apps and want to figure out about them and want to know how many kinds of LinkedIn apps are there. This is because in the article above you’ll find 5 LinkedIn apps you should know about.