5 Of The Most Comfortable IWB Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry can be achieved in dozens of ways. But it might usually start with comparing inside the waistband (IWB) against outside the waistband (OWB) carry options. IWB is favored by many for improved ease in concealing firearms.

People with well-fitted clothing might vote for IWB as their clothes can break up the firearm profile efficiently. Firearms in IWB can be holstered either on the hip or appendix carry as per user convenience.

But whatever be the style, both the gun and the holster stay inside the waistband at all times. Here we will discuss a few of the most comfortable concealed carry holster variants available around.

IWB Holster Features

Thinking about IWB without a holster might not be safe and comfortable at all. Some key features for an IWB holster can be:

  • It should allow adjustments for the drop and cant of a handgun.
  • The overall construction should be of high-quality leather, nylon, or plastic for improved durability.
  • Two clip mechanisms for the belt attachment for optimum weight distribution over a larger area.

IWB Holster Safety Tips

Concealed carry using IWB might seem easier than it really is. Without necessary caution and respect, things might go wrong very quickly. Getting a holster with the exact fit to the handgun might be of the highest priority.

That is why widely available cheaper one-size-fits-all holsters should be a strict NO. Every weapon deserves to be holstered into specifically molded jackets for optimum safety. Fitting a gun into a bigger or smaller holster might risk accidental discharge.

IWB holsters should also have enough space to accommodate gun sights, particularly the specialized ones. A reinforced sight track with sufficient blockage is also most desirable for IWB holsters.

Without this, there might always be a chance of damaging the front of a handgun during a draw and re-holstering. Consequently again, this might lead to dangerous accidents as well.

N82 Tactical Original And Original Tuckable

The comfort of these holsters can be realized even when worn directly against the skin. This is because of the suede leather on the back of the holster which acts as a shield against body sweat. It has a single clip for belt attachment. Moreover, swift accessibility is ensured by the canted pocket of these holsters.

After a few years of launching the original version in 2009, a modified version was introduced. It came with a supplementary leather piece onto the outside pocket. This made it easier to tuck the holster in shirts with the same accessibility to a gun.

Crossbreed Microclip

Smaller guns for the likes of Ruger LCP and similar might be more suited for these holsters. A single clip of metal secures these holsters inside waistbands. This metal clip bears the company logo on the front.

Notably, the hybrid design of these holsters permits excellent concealment even with tucked clothes around. The construction is based on molded Kydex with soft leather back for superior comfort even directly against the skin. These holsters exhibit great retention with ease of adjustments.

Cloak Tuck By Alien Gear

This holster combines firmness with flexibility. The construction utilizes thermoplastic polymer for the top surface to protect the firearm. It comes with a comfortable back pad made from waterproof neoprene.

Cloak Tuck is completely made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty as a bonus. The retention is good with excellent adjustability but needs Loctite to hold fasteners for long durations. These hold equally comfortable for both left and right-handers and provide top-notch stability.

StealthGear VentCore

Another hybrid holster model with Kydex construction and a synthetic material backing is the StealthGear VentoCore IWB. These are well-ventilated holsters that can remain light and dry for comfort during hot weather conditions. And even with a non-absorbing synthetic back pad.

The dual pin attachment mechanism in these holsters is suitable for heavier guns on a belt. They support exceptional concealment with those belt clips attached to springs. Additionally, these permits to adjust cant angles along with good retention make these holsters indispensable.

Talon Concealed Carry Tuckable

The search for a smooth and modest holster for people in formals might conclude at the Talon Concealed Carry Tuckable. These are premium holsters made of original American Steer Hide leather and designed by law enforcement experts.

The sturdy steel waistband clip is amongst the strongest around, which makes regular movement with this IWB holster very comfortable. Their custom mold design is terrific for concealment and provides a snug fit to suited firearms.

In the end, these are only a few among the countless options available for IWB holsters, listed in no particular order. It can mean a lot of research to find the most comfortable one as per individual choice. However, buying a deep concealment holster more importantly requires maximum practice for user comfort and quick action when needed.