5 Online Games Gift Cards to Buy for Your Gamer Partner

All of the major game consoles have online gaming, and so does PC gaming (obviously). So, if you are looking for online gaming cards to buy for your partner, then buy cards for PC gaming or for one of the major gaming consoles. Here is a rundown of your gift card options.

1 – There Are Xbox Gift Cards

The various iterations of Xbox gift cards are synced up with the various iterations of Xbox devices. At least, that is how it should work in theory. However, if you are buying gift cards for older versions of the Xbox, then you are out of luck because older vouchers have now expired.

Do not jump onto eBay or a digital store and try to buy gift cards for older consoles because the gift cards will not work. Also, be aware that refunds will be placed back into your online wallet and will not be wired back into the gift card.

Buy Xbox Gift Cards is limited to whatever Xbox console is out right now, with only a little overlap as consoles advance from one to the other. When you buy Xbox gift cards, you are actually buying credit in the most current Xbox store.

But again, remember that if you are trying to buy older games for older consoles, you cannot use gift cards to do so. Those who offer older cards in return for cryptocurrencies will sometimes offer voucher codes that have already expired.

2 – Try Microsoft Gift Cards

Despite the fact that Microsoft and Xbox are from the same company, your Microsoft and Xbox vouchers or gift cards are not transferable. When you buy a Microsoft gift card, you may only use it within the Microsoft store. This is the store that works on PCs, laptops, and on Windows phones. It has its own store app, which is rather poorly optimized. It is actually rather difficult to manage your games and even makes it inherently difficult to re-install games you have already downloaded and removed.

3 – There are Nintendo Gift Cards

You may buy Nintendo gift cards because Nintendo still pumps out its own gaming devices. You have probably seen them through the years, ranging from their Nintendo Switch, WII, the WII U, and Nintendo DS. Just like how you buy bitcoin and buy cryptocurrencies, you can buy Nintendo cards with cash, debit card, or credit card.

One of the great things about Nintendo gift cards is that they are not device-specific in the way that Xbox cards are. The gift card simply adds credit to your Nintendo account. That credit may then be used on whatever device you have on hand, so long as that device has its own games shop (e.g., some of the older Nintendo systems do not allow you to buy and download games directly).

4 – Sony Has its Own Gift Cards

The PlayStation Store is an odd duck because you may still buy older games for your older systems, but the newer consoles are having older games transferred over. Plus, PlayStation is hopping on the retro and indie movement, so you can even play older Mega Drive games if you wish.

Nevertheless, when you buy a Sony PlayStation voucher, it adds credit to your account. You may then buy games for your PlayStation device. Similar to Xbox, do not be tricked into buying expired gift cards because they do have a time limit for their use.

5 – Steam PC Gaming Gift Cards

If you have a laptop or PC, you can play games you buy from Steam. The Steam platform allows you to look for games, buy them, and then download them from the app and onto your computer. It also does most of the installing for you too. Buying a Steam voucher means you get to buy games or subscriptions with your voucher credit.

The voucher credit is deposited into your Steam wallet. You can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies, but make sure you are buying the real thing. Those who offer vouchers in return for bitcoin may be selling expired or inappropriately acquired gift cards, so be wary as you buy.