5 reasons to choose a pop-up gazebo with sides

A pop-up gazebo or marquee is a great way to create an outdoor shelter quickly. Whether it’s a wedding celebration, a family get-together or you’re inviting your friends to a BBQ party in the backyard, a portable pop-up gazebo can always come in handy.

Simply pick a spot, assemble your gazebo and you are ready to roll! Not only does a pop-up gazebo offer you shade in the sweltering heat, but also provides protection against elements in harsh weather conditions.

If you’re somebody who likes to spend most of their time outdoors, a pop-up gazebo is a great investment to enjoy camping and make beautiful, long-lasting memories.

They are also very useful in corporate events and trade shows for brand promotion. Though you can get pop-up gazebos with or without sides, pop-up gazebos with sides have their own advantages.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a pop-up gazebo with sides

Easy to Assemble – Who wants to spend the whole day trying to assemble a gazebo? Once you have bought, say a 5X5 pop-up gazebo with sides, it is extremely easy to assemble—with or without the side panels. The setup takes virtually no time as the sides of the canopy can be quickly attached to the main body frame with zips or Velcro.

Provides More Than Just Overhead Protection – There are times when having just overhead protection from the elements isn’t enough. After all, when has the rain behaved and fallen in a straight line?

So it’s important to have the option to protect the sides too; on the off chance that rain is accompanied by strong winds and the downpour isn’t so much from the top as it is like a spray from the side, you are still protected.

A pop-up gazebo with sides has you covered for exactly that eventuality. Hence, models like the 5X5 gazebo or the 6X6 gazebo with side panels are an absolute necessity if you are having an outdoor event.

Creates Extra Space – Camper vans are great, however, they can get real stuffy while sleeping, esp. the smaller ones. If you are going camping or hitting the festival or carnie circuit, you can simply carry a pop-up gazebo with sides in your van and then set up camp outside for the night.

It straightaway increases your actual livable space and you can store more stuff in the van, given that you won’t have to use it for sleeping. So, roomier and airier!

Versatile – Pop-up gazebos with sides can be customized to suit different requirements. Depending on your preference, you can go for a 5X5 or 6X6 marquee that includes a full set of sides.

You can attach these sides as needed, for example, if you are camping in a van, you can add 3 sides of the gazebo and leave the back panel off, which will give you direct access between your van and the canopy.

Or you can use different variants at once as staging, preparation, and covered dining areas if you are having an outdoor party or event, by simply adding or subtracting side panels where required.

Kids Love Them…As Would You Sometimes – A top-quality pop-up gazebo with side panels multitasks and is critical in today’s work-from-home scenario. Let’s face it, it can get challenging for both adults and kids to stay locked up inside a limited space.

However, you can easily create an interesting playing area for the kids by putting up even the comparatively smaller 3×3 pop-up gazebo with side panels in your backyard. Conversely, when you need to hide away to concentrate on your work, that same playing area can become your makeshift office.

Tips on How to Buy a Pop Up Gazebo

As there are a variety of options available in terms of price, shape, size, toughness, and color, buying a pop-up gazebo that best suits your need can be tricky, especially if you are buying it for the first time.  Here are a few tips that you can use to get the right one for yourself:

Use & Frequency – One of the key things to know before buying a pop-up gazebo is what are you going to use it for and how frequently. There are different gazebos available for use in gardens, sites, trade shows, camping, and outdoor events.

If you intend to use your pop-up gazebo more often, you should go for a heavy-duty, waterproof pop-up gazebo with sides that can offer you more strength and reliability.

Frame Thickness – A thinner frame might sound like a good idea as it makes variants like the 4×6 marquee lighter and more portable, however, it also has its disadvantages.

Thinner frames can bend or snap under extreme stress; so make sure that you get a pop-up gazebo that comes with a strong frame, but at the same time, light enough to be carried along easily.

Frame Metal – Gazebo frames are often made from steel or aluminum. Pop-up gazebos made from steel are subject to damage in rain due to corrosion, weakening the frame.

This is where aluminum pop-up gazebos have an advantage. They do not corrode when exposed to water, making them more useful in rainy weather. For extra protection, consider a heavy-duty folding aluminum gazebo with side panels by Extreme Marquees.

Size – If you know its purpose, you will know what size you require. The decision would vary based on where you are going to use it and how many people you are looking to fit inside.

If you are planning to use it in a limited space, a 3X3 gazebo is more likely to suit your need. You can consider a standard 4X4, 4X6, or 5X5 gazebo for shows, events, fairs, garden parties, and family BBQs. Make sure you know your space limitations beforehand.

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