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5 Safest Sites To Buy TikTok Likes at Low Price

Have you ever wondered how to get more likes on TikTok? Tried countless tips to get a video featured on the For You page and now considering buying likes for your video?

Yet, buying can be tricky as there are many services selling fake likes and followers. Such websites not only sell likes that will drop the following day but may suspend your account or contribute to video removal.

That said, pricing is often another concern when ordering likes on TikTok. While many cheap likes are fake, there are some sites that manage to offer decent quality likes at low prices. The minimum price for 1 like is between $0.025 and

Knowing the pitfalls and risks of carelessly purchasing video likes, we have put the list of top 5 safest websites to buy TikTok likes in 2022. Rest assured every service has been screened for quality of likes, delivery time, customer support responsiveness, website security, and external reviews and received rankings accordingly.


  • TikTok likes quality – 5.0
  • Delivery time – 4.0
  • Customer support – 4.5
  • Website security – 5.0
  • Service reviews – 4.2

The #1 website to buy TikTok likes is PubTok, a provider with the full-service TikTok promotion. The likes they send are 95% from legit accounts with avatars, and the drop rate is less than 1%, making it one of the suggested websites.

Ordering 1000 TikTok likes, for example, you will have 950 TikTok users with unique usernames and avatars liking your post, and the rest may not have any avatars or generic usernames. Better yet, 990 likes will remain on the TikTok video for as long as it exists.

The delivery time is by far the fastest. Even though the official delivery states that the standard delivery is between 6 and 48 hours, the actual time will not take that long. The 2 videos we have purchased the likes for from PubTok have started delivery within 30 minutes after the placement was made.

With the Live Chat available on the website, customer support is easy to reach 24/7. Since there are not many agents responding to customer queries, they seem to remember everyone by their name and follow through with the query until resolution.

Occasionally, and mostly during peak times, the Live Chat can become unresponsive and customers may need patience.

The website security level is quite high since the data is encrypted by the SSL certificate, and requires no password or direct account linking from the TikTok user. In its Privacy promise, PubTok guarantees absolute anonymity to big-name influencers and celebrities who want to grow TikTok likes, views, or followers.

The Trustpilot reviews on this website are mostly positive with the occasional bad ratings.

SocialWick – OVERALL SCORE 4.0

  • TikTok likes quality – 4.0
  • Delivery time – 4.0
  • Customer support – 3.5
  • Website security – 5.0
  • Service reviews – 3.6

Next on our best websites to buy the TikTok likes list is SocialWick. It is a big social media marketplace, not specialized for TikTok. Among its services, SocialWick also has TikTok followers, likes, and views.

From both orders made for the same TikTok likes product but a different number of them, the quality was also different. It appears as if a smaller quantity had near-perfect quality with all likes coming from real profiles.

The package ordered for 2500k TikTok likes though had roughly the same number of likes from fake profiles without posts or even avatars. Not surprisingly, the drop equals 15% or higher, and the service has denied their refill, which minuses from customer support ratings.

The first order was processed really fast and appeared on video within 10 to 20 minutes, while the second was dragged for nearly a day. The obvious conclusion is that the delivery speed, as well as the overall quality of TikTok likes, is heavily impacted by the number of likes you order.

There is no Live Chat button on the website, but the contact form is simple and dissects the query for better handling into “General support” and “Order support”.

This website, as almost all on this list, also uses an SSL certificate to ensure customer data is kept private. The ordering system is simple and asks only for TikTok video URLs. No password or any other identifiable information, except billing details, are asked.

SocialWick’s reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive emphasizing the quality of service. Yet some negative reviews are also present.

Celebian – OVERALL SCORE 3.9

  • TikTok likes quality – 5.0
  • Delivery time – 5.0
  • Customer support – 4.5
  • Website security – 5.0
  • Service reviews – 0 (no score)

If you want to buy likes for TikTok videos, there is another great website called Celebian. It is a relatively new website which sells good quality likes. The ratio of fully filled profiles to generic profiles is slightly lower than the previous site, and you will get around 80% of likes from realistically-looking accounts with some posts.

For whatever reason, the likes we purchased the first time had a higher than average drop rate, while the second batch did not drop at all. The drop usually happens when TikTok removes likes that are deemed to be fake, yet with almost all realistic profiles it is impossible to tell what caused the drop in the first place.

Likes were delivered within 30 minutes or less making Celebian the fastest website to buy likes for TikTok videos. That said, purchasing a big number of likes at once may result in video removal, and of course, the likes you got will be gone as well.

The support is also quick and efficient, although just like with PubTok, it is not responsive all the time. Also, the funny thing is that the agents try to upsell additional services while working up your order.

The website uses an SSL certificate to ensure secure access for users, does not require the password or other login information to place the order. Orders are made inside secure customer accounts which keeps customer information safe and only accessible by the account owner.

There are no reviews found on Trustpilot, thus leaving Celebian with a quite low overall score of 3.9.

FeedPixel – OVERALL SCORE 3.9

  • TikTok likes quality – 3.7
  • Delivery time – 3.5
  • Customer support – 3.5
  • Website security – 4.5
  • Service reviews – 4.2

FeedPixel is a well-known website for various social media promotions including TikTok likes. While its customer support is questionable as there are some negative reviews on its responsiveness, the quality of likes is good.

There are no concerns of fake likes that will soon decrease in amount, or may be flagged by the algorithm as likes are from the accounts with profile photos and unique usernames. The lowest drop is between 7% and 12%, which is promised to be refilled by the website.

FeedPixel’s delivery is more on the slower side “to keep it organic and safe” as they say. It may sometimes take longer than 72 hours if the order is big enough. Just like with many other services, FeedPixel suggests that new users with little activity and profiles with few followers buy TikTok likes in small batches.

Another inconvenience is that there are often service updates which can further delay the order completion.

In general, customer queries are all answered, and the responsive Live Chat bumps up the score. Yet, there are customer complaints of the slow response time and poor handling of the support process.

FeedPixel is also SSL-certified and stores no customer data on their servers. To order the likes for a video, a user is not required to provide his/her password to a TikTok account, nor a registration email linked to it.

FeedPixel has mostly positive Trustpilot reviews with a few negative ones appearing recently.

Stormlikes – OVERALL SCORE 3.8

  • TikTok likes quality – 3.5
  • Delivery time – 4.0
  • Customer support – 4.5
  • Website security – 3.5
  • Service reviews – 3.7

Stormlikes is one of the oldest websites on this “Website to buy TikTok likes” list and deserves credit for its long-standing. It is often confused with another Stormlikes dot com website which has a relatively negative reputation. This website also has other social media services for Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Ordering from this website is easy and the likes appear to be real people with profile photos and even some followers. Around 50% of them have posted and are actively liking or commenting on others’ posts and profiles.

The delivery speed varies from fast to drip-feed depending on the amount of TikTok likes purchased, and oftentimes is done automatically without any supervision. Depending on how many TikTok likes you want a video to have, the speed may impact your video rankings or even contribute to its removal if ordered incorrectly.

To avoid algorithm suspicion it is best to buy TikTok likes in small numbers over a longer period rather than getting thousands in less than 5 minutes(which is instant), which won’t look organic. This is also the suggestion given by the customer support which is quite responsive and will try to answer all questions or order queries.

Stormlikes uses SSL encryption to guarantee customer data is safe and prevent hacker attacks. For safety reasons, the actual TikTok login and password are not required and are never stored on company servers. Yet, among the online reviews, there is a compromised password issue, which lowers the overall security rankings.

The reviews on Trustpilot lean towards the positive side with an overall Trust score of 3.7.

In Conclusion

There are more websites than we can include in this list, yet only some are safe to buy TikTok likes.

In this post, we have included the top 5 trusted websites based on the customer reviews and the results of the orders made for experiment reasons. Although we did not rank websites based on the pricing, all 5 are offering decent quality TikTok likes for the lowest price compared to other providers.

One of the factors considered when purchasing video likes is website security. The last thing you want to happen to you is to get your account hijacked or lose it. Neither of these websites asks for a TikTok password or direct access to it, eliminating the risk of being hacked.

Customer support is also worth consideration since you may be contacting the helpline to check up on order status, or asking for other advice and want a company representative to address your queries.

While buying likes for TikTok accounts can be associated with potential risks and is best to avoid, we hope this post reduces the unnecessary risks you take should you decide to buy.