5 Shoplifting Prevention Tips for Your Retail Store

As a retail shop owner, you’ve likely had a few things stolen. Unfortunately, shoplifters get away with taking things from stores all the time. It’s maddening when your business takes a hit due to shoplifters. The last thing you need is for merchandise to disappear when you want a successful store!

While it may seem like shoplifting isn’t going away, there are still effective things to try. Below are ways to cut back on shoplifting in your retail store.

1. Chat with Your Customers

Being conversational with your customers is twofold. First, you get to be friendly and make them feel welcome. And, you can watch people for suspicious activity.

A way to check in with your customers is by asking them if they need any help. That way, they’re forced to make eye contact with you or at least glance your way.

If someone seems like they’re up to something sneaky, casually walk over there and put something away. Next, start a friendly conversation and ask them how their day is going.

Talking to someone is an easy and effective way to scare away potential shoplifters!

2. Keep Display Shelves Tidy

Shoplifters find themselves drawn to a disorganized store. The messier it is, the easier it is for them to take something.

That’s why you must keep things tidy. One way to keep things well organized is by keeping track of your inventory. For example, only put a handful of pieces, such as ten shirts, on a shelf at a given time.

Take note of how many products are on each shelf. That way, if you see someone suspicious, you keep a close eye on your products.

3. Post Your Shoplifting Policy in Plain Sight

Another way to prevent shoplifters is by displaying your shoplifting policy. Make sure it’s in a prominent spot where everyone can see it. If someone is thinking about stealing, they might think twice before following through with it. No one wants to see that their actions could result in jail time!

A good spot for your policy is in the dressing room or by a mirror. You don’t need to post it everywhere, but do make sure the sign is big enough. Potential shoplifters will be wary of stealing if they feel intimidated.

4. Hire Security Guards

If theft is becoming more frequent in your area or store, consider hiring security guards. Every state offers security guard services that can provide your shop protection. For example, Special Security Services is a security-focused company based in Northern California. This company, and others like them, provide safety services to prevent theft.

Having security guards is a great way to scare away potential shoplifters. They’ll be less likely to take something knowing someone is looking out for suspicious activities.

Having security guards at the entry and exit points of your store is a good place for them. They can keep a watchful eye and have a good vantage point from where they stand. In time, you should gain the reputation of being a store with security guards. Then, no one will want to steal from you!

5. Devise a Plan on How to Watch Over Inventory

You may be more concerned about some of your products more than others. For instance, you may be selling some high-end small purses. If so, it’s better if you have a place where someone can keep an eye on them.

Besides storing items near the cash register, keep some expensive products locked away. And, you can put some things in a spot where there’s a lot of traffic. Shoplifters will be less likely to steal something where many people congregate.

Converse with your employees and come up with a plan on how to keep watch over expensive items. But, at the same time, don’t forget about your other products as well.


Shoplifting is something that no store owner wants to deal with. But, unfortunately, it’s one of those realities that you can’t ignore. The good news is you can scare away potential shoplifters by applying these techniques. And if you do get a few things stolen, as discouraging as it may be, use it as a learning experience.

Always think of ways on how to improve your retail shop and keep shoplifters away. In time, you’ll come up with some effective strategies. And these strategies will drastically reduce the amount of theft in your shop.