5 Simple Steps Guide to Create a Website Free of Cost

If you believe creating a website from scratch is impossible then you are mistaken. Now easy and simple solutions exist that let you create, build and design full-fledged web platforms without any additional hurdles. With the inclusion of PK free domain, the task of creating websites has been solved to an extent as well. New website owners tend to be short on budget and the only way out of this road-block is to look for web solutions that consume low to no costs at all.

If you are looking to get a website for your business, here are 5 steps you can follow:

  1. Register for a domain name

The name of your website that you find in the URL is the domain name. Of course, it cannot be acquired for free and several online domain name providers exist. You can get one from the domain provider of your choice. You just simply have to go to the website of a domain service and search whether the name you have chosen is available or not. If it is then you will be redirected to the registration page but if it is not then you will have to find a unique website name.

  1. Selecting a relevant hosting plan

After the selection of a domain name, now is the time to choose a hosting platform for the website you are thinking of building. You would need to decide exactly where you intend to host your website and this dilemma can be eased by searching for the right hosting provider or platform.

  1. Choose a web platform

A website platform or a content management system is pretty much the same. Choosing a reliable platform allows you to store your content, pictures, create galleries and spaces for content with less the hassle. WordPress is used mostly on a global scale. This platform is a CMS itself and contains some of the user-friendly and valuable plugins, features and functionalities one would need to build a full-fledged web platform.

  1. Create and curate content for the website

Some website owners often overlook this step but it should not be. A web platform without quality and interesting content has absolutely no purpose. Businesses and individuals should pay heed to content creation and curation the most. A website with content that strikes the users always has high rates of traffic and user retention. That is one notion that should never be overlooked, as your content is what builds the complete structure of a web platform.

  1. Design the website’s layout

The website’s layout after you install WordPress usually does not have an appealing theme. In order to bring appeal and charm to your website’s interface, you can acquire a design theme or you can choose to make the design from scratch. The attributes included for interface creation are the font styles, a befitting color palette and design elements that shape the look-and-feel of the web interface.