5 Surprising Facts About an SMS Number That You Must Know

Did you know that SMS numbers play an important role in every individual and business life? You might think that it is only another ordinary number circulating the Internet. But the fact that it is used to receive SMS online brings relief to many people.

Online SMS is common nowadays especially when you sign up for an offer online or register for the first time through the Internet. Most probably, you have experienced it already when you are required to write down your phone number so they can send a verification code through your contact number. This is usually done to verify that you are not another robot but indeed a real person signing up.

Things you need to know about an SMS number

If you think that is all that you should know about an SMS number, think again after reading this article thoroughly. Below are the 5 facts about this amazing string of numbers.

  • An SMS number keeps your privacy secured at all times unknown to many, once you write down your real phone number on that registration form online, you are risking your private details. Those individuals who happen to be scammers are just out there looking for chances to take advantage of sensitive information of others, including their phone numbers. Having an SMS phone number will help you prevent any leakage of your sensitive details.
  • Highest quality connection possible

If you are running a business and need to attend to your customers’ queries promptly, SMS phone numbers can greatly help you solve that issue. One of the main reasons why they are essential in any form of business is because they are run via an Internet connection, unlike your usual SIM card that relies solely on a cell network.

  • Reach more than 90 countries across the globe

Another interesting fact about an amazing phone number for SMS is that you can reach more than 90 countries around the world, that is if you purchase your number for SMS with Hottelecom. To learn more on how to integrate a virtual number for SMS through Hottelecom, please visit our website at https://hottelecom.biz/sms-numbers.html.

In the real sense of business, everyone wants to reach as many prospects as possible, within or beyond the territory. With Hottelecom’s phone number with SMS, this is made possible. Imagine having the capability to reach more than 90 countries worldwide to build your business presence. A must-have indispensable tool if you want your business to go far and beyond.

  • Forget about missed calls

Let’s face it, customers tend to call you anytime they think something is not working properly with their purchased products, or if they want to clarify anything. This may sound just a simple task, but the truth is, customer support is a crucial element in every business. If you want to retain your clients, then be sure that you have a solid customer service system.

But how can you create one without suffering from an overhead cost? The answer is virtual phone numbers. Here at Hottelecom, our VoIP telephony allows you to receive calls, forward calls to free operators, voice mails, and other advantages. What’s best is that you’ll have the ability to answer all your customers’ queries even after business hours. In this way, they will assume that you have a large and stable company and will give them the impression that you are indeed a professional business owner.

  • Great savings on landline and long-distance calls

We are all aware that long-distance charges are a pain in our pocket, especially if we are just starting up a business. And what’s more financially draining is if you choose to utilize a landline over cloud-based phone technology.

All these burdens can be eliminated if you will adopt a virtual number in your enterprise. With the ability to receive SMS online, there is no need for you to pay monthly charges and long-distance calls. Thus, a great relief especially if you are on a tight budget.

There are lots of advantages a virtual number can offer you. But the top 5 mentioned above are the basic but overlooked facts that you should consider if you want to keep your business’ pace with today’s technological advancement.

Why do businesses choose Hottelecom as their service provider?

Surfing the Internet will reveal that there are countless telephony service providers around the world offering different types of services. But we listed below the reasons why people choose Hottelecom over others.

Hottelecom has a wide range of services – Hottelecom is not limited to virtual numbers alone. As a matter of fact, if you’ll visit Hottelecom’s website at https://hottelecom.biz/sms-numbers.html, you will learn that they offer a variety of services that you can incorporate into your business, depending on your needs or budget. Hottelecom offers DID numbers, Toll-Free numbers, SMS numbers, FAX numbers, Telegram forwarding, and many more. You can also choose with their wide range of VoIP and PBX technologies such as SIP numbers and IVR services, just to mention a few.

Choose a “nice” number – you have the freedom to choose a number that you want. Maybe you want a number that has relevance in your business or personal life. Or maybe you want something much easier to remember than usual. Whatever the reason, you have all the capacity to choose the “right” number for you.

Customer service 24 days, 7 days a week – Hottelecom believes that a smooth flow of customer relationships comes along with seamless communication. That is why Hottelecom provides dedicated customer support that is open 24/7 since we are operating across the globe and we are dealing with countless different time zones.

100% secured private information – yes, your sensitive information is safe with Hottelecom. Hottelecom values the privacy of your information as much as you do. That is why you are assured of the security of your personal data with Hottelecom.

If you are still unsure about virtual phone numbers and want to clarify further concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hottelecom by visiting their website and Tech Specialists would be happy to answer all your question. They would even guide you step by step on how to successfully integrate a virtual number either for your personal or business use.