5 Things to Know Before Buying Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters are a great way to add style and elegance to any home. If you’re looking for ways to improve the curb appeal of your house, then click here for plantation shutters in Concord are an excellent place to start!

However, before purchasing wood plantation shutters, there are 5 things that you should know.

Tilt Control

Tilt tension is the degree to which a shutter can be opened. There are two types of tilt tension: fixed and variable. Fixed tilt tensions will always keep their position, no matter how much you push or pull on them! Variable tilt tensions have an adjustable screw that controls the opening and closing motion of the shutter blade. If your home has a very large window, you’re going to want the variable tilt tension.

Wood plantation shutters are either designed with a tilt or without one. Tilt functionality is best for you if the sun rises in your house and shines through windows onto furniture, floors, walls, tables, and other items that can suffer from heat damage. With this function, wood plantation shutters can be tilted to avoid glare while still offering sun protection.

Wood plantation shutters without a tilt function are best suited for those who want to take advantage of all the natural light. They’re also great for those who want to take advantage of natural light without the heat damage that comes with the sun shining through windows.


Wood plantation shutters can be made of either wood or vinyl. Both are excellent choices, but they do offer different benefits and drawbacks.

Vinyl is lightweight, so it’s easy to install & maintain while also being energy efficient, which helps reduce your heating/cooling costs! However, you should know that the material may not last as long as wood, and vinyl is not a natural material.

Wood plantation shutters are made from natural wood, so they tend to last longer than vinyl; however, you should know that the installation process can be more complicated & time-consuming. Plus, some people might find working with wood difficult or unpleasant!

If your home has an open floor plan or is prone to excessive moisture, then these are not the best option.

Wood plantation shutters come in various styles and colors, which means you can customize them specifically for your home!

Slat Size

The thickness of wood plantation shutters slats can be either broad or narrow. Which one you choose depends on the style and aesthetic that you’re going for and your personal preference!

Wide slat size is best suited for homes with plenty of windows to offer a more open view, while narrower slat sizes are better if there are just a few windows.

Wide slats are also more affordable than narrow slats, and they come in three styles: honeycomb, pleated & paneled. The type of wood plantation shutter you choose will have an impact on the price!

Narrower slat sizes typically cost twice as much as wide-slatted shutters, and they come in two styles: honeycomb & pleated.

Narrower slats are easier to clean than wide-slat types, but both options need regular cleaning to remove dirt and dust that has gotten trapped inside the shutters!

Frame Style

The frame style of wood plantation shutters can be either contemporary or traditional. Contemporary frames have a more modern look and are best suited for homes with an open floor plan, while the traditional version is ideal if you want to maintain that classic feeling!

If your home has windows on different levels, it’s essential to choose the same frame style for all shutters to maintain a uniform appearance. Some wood plantation shutters have a frame that’s completely hidden in the slats, while others will show it so you can choose the style of your liking!

If you need to replace an entire set of windows and want to keep costs down, then this option is for you. You’ll still get all the benefits without having to pay more.


If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself project, then wood plantation shutters are not the best choice! They require some specialized tools and techniques.

This is why we recommend hiring a shutter installation company instead of doing it yourself because they will be able to get them installed perfectly, so they look pleasing and work well!

Wood plantation shutters are a great addition to your home, and there are many benefits that come with them! You have to be mindful of what kind you choose. You also need to make the installation process into account as well. Either way, it’s important to do your research before making a final decision!