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5 Things You Can Order Online for an At-Home Gourmet Feast

Dining in a fancy restaurant that serves gastronomic delights is the epitome of gourmet. But since we’re urged to stay at home, dine-ins are limited and are still a bit risky.

You can simply create a fancy dinner with a good cook in your own home. Although if no one can truly cook gourmet in the family, you can order in one or two of these gems below and make any meal as gourmet as you want it to.

Whether you’re preparing a dinner date at home or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the gourmet-lover in your life, these will surely put a smile on their face and satisfy their exceptional palate.

1. Gourmet Gift Basket

You have everything you need in this gourmet spread. From artisan crisps to Greek olives and organic crackers to fancy cheese, this is foodie heaven. You don’t have to order every single thing as all gourmet favorites come in this Jet Gift Baskets spread.

Gift it to relatives who live across the country, workmates you haven’t seen in months, or treat your someone in your family a gourmet night they deserve.

2. Hot Sauce with White Truffle

Truffle spells gourmet. Put it in any dish and you have a fancy one. If you want to gift your recipient something that will last longer and they can use a couple of times, a truffle hot sauce is a practical yet fine gift.

Make their regular spice luxe and rare with this gourmet addition to the kitchen.

3. Single-Origin Coffee Subscription

For the good-brew-lover, the coffee snob, or the serious caffeine fiend, a single-origin coffee sounds like the perfect drink during or after a fine meal. Freshly roasted coffee beans from different parts of the world are pure art and culture in a cup.

If you or your recipient loves single-origin then there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be an easy choice as a gift or as an accent to a gourmet feast.

4. Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

The presentation carries the ambiance of the celebration. A lotus-shaped bamboo server with petals that act as space for you to put your cheese, crackers, and other charcuterie delights adds an artful flair to the table.

It makes for a unique gourmet gift especially to friends who love to host.

 5. Himalayan Block Cooking Salt Plate

Now, this is not for the self-care enthusiast, although it’s always nice to have Himalayan salt around for its clearing properties. This Himalayan block cooking plate is all that it says – a unique kind of salt where you can cook – and that is gourmet.

You can choose any of the gifts above to send to your friend who has gourmet tastes, while you can order everything on the list if you’re feeling generous.

Why don’t you arrange an at-home gourmet feast for your family? They’ll surely appreciate a break from the new norm – as we all do.

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