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5 Tips for Improving Your Restaurant and Its Image

COVID-19 hasn’t exactly done any favors for businesses. The restaurant industry has been hard hit by the sudden need to shut their doors. People still enjoy a restaurant-made meal but they aren’t ordering from just any restaurant.

Customers are prioritizing their health and safety and expect that their restaurants of choice are doing the same. Now more than ever it’s important for restaurants to improve their image and adapt their brand to the new normal.

  1. Create a more eco-friendly space.

While your restaurant is on hiatus from serving customers on-site, this is a great time to start creating a more eco-friendly space. Use biodegradable takeout containers instead of plastic containers for your take away orders. Support your fellow local businesses by buying your ingredients from local sources. You may be sitting on a fully-stocked kitchen with food that was purchased before the pandemic struck. Instead of letting non-perishables reach their expiration dates, donate unused and unopened food to local food banks.

  1. Properly use social media.

Your restaurant probably used social media to some extent prior to shutting down. Using social media to market your restaurant is an effective way to improve your restaurant image. Show off the uniqueness of your restaurant through photos and videos and announce new menu items and weekly specials.

Creating and implementing a well-crafted social media marketing plan is a smart way to engage your customers, reach new audiences, and gain online visibility. Since walk-in traffic is temporarily reduced, the best way to attract customers to your brand is to use social media.

  1. Use the best online ordering system for your restaurant.

You need to use the best online ordering system to meet your restaurant’s online sales demands. The Cuboh tablet effectively manages your online orders from delivery apps including 86ing, refunds, upcharges, and prep times on one tablet. Delivery orders are automatically integrated into your POS in real-time to save your staff the effort of punching orders. You can also view reports and analytics on one dashboard.

Once you set up a new account, someone from the Cuboh team will walk you through the setup process and help you integrate your delivery platforms. The online ordering system integrates with delivery platforms like Doordash, Uber Eats, dash40 ventures, and Chowly. See how the new features of the Good News Ventures and Altair Capital-backed Cuboh online ordering system can help your restaurant keep up with the growing demands of takeout orders.

  1. Update your restaurant equipment.

Don’t forget about the kitchen when improving the look of your restaurant. Your restaurant equipment takes a lot of wear and tear over the years. Update your restaurant equipment with innovative commercial kitchen and restaurant products from Go Food Service. They offer an impressive catalog of industry-leading restaurant equipment that will keep your kitchen working safely and efficiently.

GoFoodService strives to be environmentally conscious by carrying energy-efficient products manufactured by companies that prioritize environmental health. No matter how large or small your restaurant equipment needs are, GoFoodService is ready to help you find the perfect fit for your restaurant.

  1. Make sure your staff upholds new health and sanitary standards

The health and safety of your customers depend on the health and safety of your team members. A vital part of improving your restaurant’s image is to train your staff on the new health and sanitary standards you are implementing. Ensure that your staff members practice proper handwashing techniques and wear masks and gloves when handling food. Create a cleaning checklist for your staff members to follow and be sure to communicate how frequently sanitizing needs to happen.

When you are able to reopen your dining room, you may need to rearrange your dining room furniture to meet social distance requirements. You’ll also need to install hand sanitizer stations that are clearly visible to your customers and make sure that a staff member can ensure all customers use them.

Now is a great time to start thinking of ways to improve your restaurant and its image. Your restaurant won’t be empty forever but when it’s time to open the doors again, show your customers that you can adapt to the new normal.


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