5 Tips on Choosing the best Scratching Pad for your Cat

It doesn’t take long after adopting a cat to realize that they enjoy scratching things. If you don’t have the proper toys available, their scratching could ruin your clothes, curtains, couches, and so much more. We’ve all dealt with the intolerable sound of our cat scratching the fibres on our newly purchased couch. Here are five tips to assist you in choosing the right scratching pad for your furry friend.

Think From The Perspective Of Your Cat

It can be very easy to start shopping for a cat scratching post that looks appealing to you. You may try to find a colour that matches your couch and a shape that looks appeasing. However, this is just a recipe for disaster. You want to purchase a scratching post that appeals to your cat and their natural feline instincts. Otherwise, they’re just not going to use it, and you’ll be upset you wasted a bunch of money.

It Needs To Be Tall

There’s no denying the fact that cats enjoy stretching out. We’ve all seen our cats stretch their bodies out to the point that makes us wonder how the heck they can even do it. When looking at scratching towers for cats, you want to look for ones that are tall. Each cat is a different size from the next, so only you will be able to determine what’s tall for your cat. For most cats, a good scratching post will be at least 30 inches tall. If you have a particularly large cat, you may want to get a post that is 40 or 50 inches tall. The maximum height will really depend on the amount of space that you have.

It Needs To Be Sturdy

Do you like putting your weight onto a surface that feels shaky? The obvious answer is no! Neither doesn’t your cat. While they are very agile creatures that can always land on their feet when they fall, they don’t particularly like climbing on unsturdy surfaces. Instead, invest in a scratching post that feels sturdy. A great test is to take a hold of the post and try and move it back and forth. If the post wobbles, then don’t get it. Many times, a larger scratching pad at the bottom will reveal a much sturdier post.

Choose The Material Wisely

One of the biggest mistakes that cat owners make is purchasing scratching posts that are made of carpet. This simply encourages your cat to shred the carpeting in your home. They can’t discern the difference between carpeting on the scratching post and carpeting on your floor.

Instead, opt for a sisal fabric. This is a rougher fabric that shreds under your cat’s claws. This material allows your cat to get a good grip without getting stuck. And, it provides a satisfying sound when they scratch it. While scratching posts and pads are available with sisal rope, it’s a better idea to go with a pure sisal fabric. Cats tend to prefer shredding the fabric over the textural resistance of the rope.

Find An Item With Both Vertical And Horizontal Scratching Surfaces

There is an abundance of horizontal scratching pads and vertical scratching posts on the market. While they can seem enticing, it’s never a good idea to pick one over the other. Rather, you should opt for a product that integrates both horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces. These ensure that your cat has a variety of angles that they can enjoy scratching. Sticking with one angle, such as a horizontal scratcher, can still make your cat crave to scratch on something vertical, like the side of your couch.

Choosing the right scratching pad for your cat starts by identifying some key features that they’ll love. Remember that the whole reason that you’re investing in a scratching pad is to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t further damage any of the items in your home. It’s vital that you take some time and think through what your cat is looking for in a scratching post. This way, you can be assured that they use it often and don’t destroy the surfaces and objects throughout your home.


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