5 Tips to Finding a Good First Car

Congratulations on the milestone achievement that is passing your driving test! You now have the freedom of the open road, or you will do once you get that much-needed car. However, choosing a great first car can be more stressful than the test itself and you need to know how to get it right.

We can help you with our handy guide. Read on for our five tips on finding a good first car.

Work Out a Budget

You need to establish a budget for two main areas. The first is a budget for the amount you are spending on a car. The second is the amount you can afford per month in costs.

Monthly costs generally include insurance, fuel, maintenance, and taxes. Generally, the bigger or older the car is, the more you are going to pay out in a monthly period.

Identify Your Needs

The best first car depends entirely upon your needs. If you are simply driving to work in a city, then a small economical model will suffice. However, if you need it for goods transportation or to seat a large family, your needs become more complex.

By identifying your needs, you can pinpoint the car for you. Do not go for one model that does everything if you do not need it. For one-off events, such as house moving, you can rent larger models.

Shop Around for a Good First Car

Luckily, you can shop around for a car without leaving your home. The internet has plenty of places to look for good first car ideas, either new or second-hand. It opens you up to sellers who live beyond your local area, meaning you have even more choice.

Do not go for the first suitable car you see. You may find that a better offer is just around the corner.

Secure Financing

Ideally, you would buy the car in cash to save on interest costs. However, for many people, this outlay is just not viable. That means financing is the only option.

Try to make sure you have a good credit history in advance of any finance application. The dealership may offer finance themselves, but this may not always be the best deal and you should research other options. Finally, make sure you have the correct documentation such as ID, proof of address, and paycheck stubs for auto loan applications.

Get a Great Dealer

The internet has meant that the days of unscrupulous car dealers are more or less over. With online reviews and testimonials being the mainstay of any business, people can no longer afford to get a bad reputation. This means that the best person to advise on a good first car to buy is the dealer.

Ask around to see who can be trusted. Check their reports online and see what others say. Once you have a trusted dealer, visit them to see what they can suggest.

Try Before You Buy

Finally, finding a good first car involves a lot of test-driving! This will let you see what model feels right and get a better idea of what you do and don’t want from a vehicle.

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