5 tips to living a happier life

We all find ourselves occasionally going through the motions sometimes. And it’s no surprise, that we tend to feel down on ourselves, and feeling unmotivated, where we don’t feel like doing anything. Motivation is hard to come by. In your life, there are moments you will tend to feel motivated. But that moment will come and go. One day you’ll feel like you can conquer the world, the next day you’ll be diving through motivational quotes, trying to get that spark back.

It’s a natural process and response in life, and sometimes it can get in the way of you being happy. But there are ways where you can live a happy life, and not have to go through the motions of being up and down. Some simple fixes and adjustments and you will no longer have to deal with the mood swings. And if you find yourself not knowing where to start with those adjustments, then don’t worry, because this article will help you do just that. Here are 5 tips to living a happier life.

#5- Start Exercising

Before you shrug off this suggestion, hear me out. Exercise has many benefits on the body and has been proven to uplift mood and demeanor. A part of the reason why people feel down and upset most of the time is that their body isn’t active. Exercise helps solve that by putting your body in motion, getting you to work out, and releasing dopamine from your brain. Plus it also gives you more purpose, because when you start to work out and exercise, you become obsessed with weight and body goals. Exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be signing up at a gym. You can try picking up a sport and joining a recreational local sports team. A sense of teamwork and relationship building can go a long way to adding more meaning to your free time.

#4- Find a Job Doing What You Love

The main reason for people feeling down and upset is because they don’t like what they do. They go to their job and leave unsatisfied, unaccomplished, and un-inspired. If you can find a job doing what you love to do, then do it! There is no better feeling than pursuing a passion and a career at the same time and being recognized for it. It’s both satisfying and motivating because you always want to produce your best work.

Sometimes, for most people, it isn’t feasible to pursue a career in something they love to do. For example, you might love to paint but aren’t a very good painter, and so starting a career in art might be difficult. If that’s the case, then fine, no biggie! You can still paint in your free time. The point being, immerse yourself in the activity of which you love to do. Do it regularly and fanatically. Hang pieces of your work around your home, or publish them online. The more you spend time doing what you love to do, the happier you will be because of it.

#3- Meditation and Relaxation

A lot of people have an intense, fast-paced job, spending time running back and forth, trying to submit projects on time. And while they love what they do, it isn’t very healthy, or joyful, to spend your days in a frantic and frenzied manner. Some alone time, for self-reflection and relaxation, is a great way to catch a breath and take a break from a long, long day. Meditation bolds well in helping you maintain the work-life and personal life balance. You need a mental transition for when you’re done with all the frantic stuff and want to settle down and relax.

This transition is a way to calm yourself, focus on your breathing, and on yourself. However, meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be in the afternoon or after work. One can meditate anytime they want. In the morning when you wake up is a good time as well. The point is to find a small window of time for yourself to unwind and catch a breath, and not to spend your whole day running around like a headless chicken. Calming yourself down every day is a good way to live a happier, more relaxed life.

#2- Find a Partner

Finding a special someone to share aspects of your life with is a great way to feel wanted, appreciated, and happier. Significant others will bring emotions out of you that you can’t bring out yourself. And granted, relationships tend to have the stressful aspect to them as well, but it all pales in comparison to the positives of being in a relationship. Find someone who shares the same mindset and same values as you and slowly start to build that relationship, and make it grow. Hopefully, you get to a point where you find someone who makes you happy, and who you want to spend the rest of your life with, feeling the same way.

#1- Be Grateful

Yes, you have aspirations and ambitions, and it may be frustrating that you haven’t accomplished them yet. But in the end, if you are alive and well, then you should be grateful for being so blessed. Life will work out in the end. Stressing and bringing yourself down about it, won’t speed up the process. In fact, it might slow it down. Appreciate what you have, and be happy that you have it.

So there you have it, 5 tips to living a happier life. Try applying some, or all, of these tips to your everyday life, and see if they help in making you happier or not. And if you find other areas that you can improve to make you happier, then go for it!