5 tips to maintain windows properly

Maintenance of the house you’re living in increases the worth of it as well as entirely contributes in the beauty of your place. There are multiple elements which needs to be examine regularly for maintenance. When it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of the windows, which must be a lot in numbers, requires different kind of cleanliness and day to day check.Window maintenance does not only means cleaning the glass, but also checking the fittings, mechanisms and security.

Use glass cleaners

Cleaning your windows regularly with special glass cleaning sprays can prove to be your best decision when it comes to maintaining the quality of the glass and keeping it stain-free. Cleaners can also make your glass scratch-free. We touch our windows so many times during the day that it is impossible for it to be stain or scratch-free. The best solution to this problem is using the glass cleaning chemicals. There are multiple brands which are providing different glass cleaning sprays according to your requirements and needs.

Examine the window frame

When it comes to windows, the glass and the frame, both plays equal roles. The glass contributes in the appearance, whereas, the frame plays the role for operating the window.  A minor problem can be solved easily, before it might be a lot bigger. Examining the window frame for any holes or cracks can save you from a big trouble. Investigating regularly can show you any gaps or cracks between the wall and the window frame.

Check your window locks

Locks play an important part when it comes to safety. The life of your windows can increase if you take care of the mechanism and look after it regularly. Keeping a check if either there is any mis-fitting or damage of any part of the lock can reduce problems later on. At times the problem is only in a certain part of the lock, which does not require the replacement of the entire mechanism or lock system.

Sealing the gaps

Often there are gaps in the windows which can cause air to flow in and out. This can result in dirt and dust to enter your house through the open gaps, as well as cause problems with your heating or air-conditioning. You can prevent it by using sealing the gaps. There are multiple ways to check if there are any open gaps in your windows. This problem can be solved through sealing tapes or any other sealing material.

Lubricating the window tracks

Windows are fixed in their specific tracks which allow the glass frame to move properly. If the tracks are tight or does not give space to move the frame, this might cause problem in opening and closing the windows. The solution to this is lubricating your window tracks regularly.  Lubricating the tracks with window oils after cleaning the dirt can improve the life of your windows, as it makes the movement of the windows smooth.