5 Ways A New Powerglide Transmission Can Imrpove Your Vehicle

Your car’s transmission is important for many reasons.

In addition to regulating the speed of the engine, it supplies your car’s wheels with the power they need.

These are just a few of the reasons why racing enthusiasts might be interested in upgrading to a more powerful version of this part. If you’re in the market for a pumped-up transmission, the Powerglide may be for you.

Learn more about the advantages of a Powerglide transmission.

1. Impressive Strength

The Powerglide transmission was introduced in 1950 by General Motors. It was originally made for Chevrolet cars, but the manufacturer eventually expanded the product line to include models that are compatible with other auto brands, too.

Over 70 years later, this automatic two-speed transmission is now one of the strongest models available on the market.

Depending on which version you opt for, you can expect to enjoy a horsepower rating of anywhere from 2,800 to 3,500 — more than enough for all of your performance needs.

2. Lightweight Construction

You might assume that the remarkable power of the Powerglide means that it’s a heavy, cumbersome piece of machinery.

The opposite is, in fact, true. This transmission is lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect selection for a DIY enthusiast who wants to dive into a uniquely satisfying project.

A lightweight transmission can offer many benefits, including better control over the drivetrain, better fuel economy, and easier handling.

3. Great for Racing

If you’re looking for a racing transmission for sale, there are a few models that can match the performance of the Powerglide. Racing demands power, precision, and performance — all of which the Powerglide offers plenty of.

It’s ideal for this purpose because of the aforementioned horsepower and lightweight construction. Both of these features make it versatile enough to use in a variety of vehicles but strong enough to handle the demands of racing.

4. Simple Mechanics

Many auto DIY specialists are surprised to learn how simple the mechanics of the Powerglide are. Indeed, the transmission comprises several easy-to-understand parts that even a novice mechanic may be able to master.

This simplicity also makes it easy to adjust and customize according to your unique needs. If you aren’t sure how to replace or adjust the transmission in your car, though, it’s important to prioritize safety and get help from a qualified professional mechanic.

5. Lower Friction

As the name “Powerglide” implies, this transmission offers superior friction reduction. This is because it is compatible with many synthetic lubricants which can provide a smoother performance for your auto.

You can also use bearings instead of bushings to further facilitate a smooth ride. No other transmission for sale offers the same level of power coupled with a practically friction-free performance. The result is better performance and a longer-lasting transmission.

Find out why the Powerglide is the transmission of choice for auto fanatics and racing enthusiasts. With a Powerglide in your car, you can enjoy a simple installation process and revel in the ability to win any race.