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5 Ways IT Services Have Changed Since COVID-19

Much like virtually any other industry on the planet, the $175 billion a year managed IT services industry has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Initially, the industry was hit by an unprecedented demand drop, as offices around the world shuttered.

However, things have bounced back remarkably since then. As companies of all shapes and sizes change the way they work to adapt to the new normal, managed IT support has become more important than ever before. If you’re wondering exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how and why businesses need IT support, read on to find out.

  1. New Tools Means New Security Concerns 

One of the main ways IT tech support has changed this year concerns security. The move towards working from home was quickly followed by the mass uptake of new tools and technologies by millions of workers.

This meant that companies had to deal with IT security challenges that they had not previously considered. Examples include Zoom security, file sharing from personal devices, and the use of popular WFH tools such as Teams.

Technology support workers have had to adapt to ensure that they can offer the security services that companies need when using these tools.

  1. In-House IT Services Can No Longer Cut It

With workers away from the office, it has become increasingly clear that in-house IT support is no longer good enough. In-house teams are used to working within the in-office system, tools, and intranet.

Meanwhile, outsourced IT providers have experience providing support across a vast range of platforms, devices, and systems. With companies adopting new ways of working, only managed IT services can provide the range of support that is needed.

  1. The Industry Is More Global and More 24/7 Than Ever Before 

The IT support industry has had to adapt to a borderless, 24/7 way of working in order to survive. Before COVID, it was more likely that an IT support company would address the IT issues of local clients, often within the 9-to-5 working day.

However, the new normal has shown the industry that it is possible to deliver instant IT technician support to any company anywhere in the world, at any time. As a result, managed IT services are now more accessible than ever.

  1. IT Services Have Adapted to WFH

There are many ways that IT managed service providers have adapted to the skyrocketing uptake of working from home. For one, services have become more focused on personal devices and providing support for at-home features such as home WiFi.

In addition, an expert managed service provider is now more keenly aware of the challenges that employees face when working from home for the first time and stands ready to address these.

  1. New Needs for Key Industries 

The shift to working from home has affected different industries in different ways. For example, the healthcare industry, which this expert managed service provider specializes in, has had to adapt to providing medical services remotely.

This requires managed IT that can handle the unique support and security needs of medical practitioners. Similarly, the legal industry has had to shift the way it works profoundly, which has, in turn, forced the managed IT service industry to adapt to these needs. The list goes on.

How Technology Trends Are Reshaping the World 

The ways in which IT services are changing reflect just how profoundly tech is reshaping our world in 2020. To stay on top of these changes, it helps to stay informed.

For this, we have got you covered. Make sure to check out our Science & Technology section for real-time updates on the biggest technology stories of our time.


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