5 Ways Lack of Intimacy in Your Marriage Affects You

Marriage means the meeting of two living human beings. Many of our readers believe that sex is given great importance after marriage. But by incorporating sex only in your life after marriage, you can`t enjoy your marital life. That also includes other types of intimacy after marriage.

Many people also believe that if any relationship is connecting with safety, trust, and emotion. Then you are easily connected. As long as all this is present in a married couple, you should not be worried about the effects of lack of intimacy in your relationship.

Sex issues are not resolving in marriage, then lack of intimacy and affection can cause problems in his relationship.

You feel that the sex problems are increasing in marriage, and then you can take it from another human being. Doing this reflects the issue well on your partner’s face and in your relationship.

5 Ways Lack of Intimacy in Your Marriage Affects You for Great Sex

Sex and marriage problems are common in every couple because all the couples are happy at the beginning of their marriage. Like they try new techniques of sexual intercourse every day like they try different type of yoga, exercise & take pills like Vidalista 20mg, but some years pass as if they have no time for sex and each other.

They do not know when the couple had sex last time. After marriage, the responsibility of both children and office work increases. Ultimately the lack of intimacy leads to many other issues in their marital life.

Are you worried about how to fix intimacy problems in marriage? Therefore, here we have described seven ways of intimacy affecting your marriage.

Lack of confidence

Usually, any man lacks confidence when he is married but has not yet had sexual relations with his wife. Because you think that you will be able to give your wife an orgasm while having sex? Do you know female want to multiple orgasms, If she doesn’t satisfy for the first time, what would she consider about you? Thinking this many times will make you doubt your ability and feel a lack of confidence. If you want to solve lack of confidence problem so you can use Sildenafil 200mg for better & longer intercourse.  This tablet used to treat erectile dysfunction related problem & helping to increase blood flow in penis area.

Not take responsibility

So, far it has been observed that as soon as the marriage takes place, there is pressure to take responsibility after the remaining six months and one year. So at that point, the husband and wife feel that they will plan a child when they will be able to take responsibility after depositing a safe income, but before that, they would prefer to use sexual protection and with each other will have sex.

Extramarital affair

That is one of the most dangerous reasons as it is possible only when the spouses are not satisfied with their sexual partner during sexual activities. Husband and wife are attracted to another person. These have triggered marriage intimacy problems.

Feel loneliness

Many spouses have been troubled by their married life because nothing happens between them, and the problem of erectile dysfunction in men and the lack of child production in women. You can try to plan a vacation trip, Candlelight plan, and plan dinner together. Spend time & give freedom to your partner.

Pornographic addict

Pornography is a disease whose intoxication is the one who likes to be drugged again and again. It is like alcohol. This will be stronger when you masturbate despite being your sex partner. And you get sexual satisfaction in other ways. Doing this can put your marriage life in danger.


If a man and woman are not happy with their marital life, he/she seeks another person and celebrates having sex with her/him, and the marriage to the other partner becomes without sex. So, that marriage comes at a turning point. If you are one too, follow all the upper points shown in this article and stop the lack of intimacy in your wedding soon.