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5 ways outsourcing SEO process can help your business

The basic thing SEO does is to convert Google searches into potential customers and a business will never want to lose customers. To make this happen, you need to make sure your SEO is in the right hands.

Now, you may know the basics of SEO. You can also train an entire team with SEO tactics to generate the desired results. But SEO is not worthy unless it is done right. The time, cost, and energy you spent wouldn’t give you any result if the SEO is not taken proper care of. This is where outsourcing SEO can help you. According to Databox, 70% of marketers see SEO as a better alternative than PPC.

Here are 5 ways how outsourcing SEO can help you to grow your business.


Undoubtedly, this can be the best reason why you want to outsource SEO. If you maintain an in-house SEO team, you will have to incur more expenses like bonuses, PFs, etc. But with the outsourced team, you just have to guide your requirements and pay them the decided amount.

An SEO agency can drive more sales and revenue than an in-house marketing firm. The agency can run SEO campaigns at lower costs while the marketing team can focus on other aspects to grow the business.

Competitive strategies

Simply writing content and waiting for it to generate organic traffic is not SEO. An SEO agency looks for the right keywords, builds a content strategy according to the type and channel of the content.  Nevertheless, you cannot deny, it also helps you to get leads from your content and backlinks from high-ranking domains.

External SEO professionals know the latest tools and strategies in the market and help your business develop through it. These tools like SEMRush, Moz, etc. cost a lot, and to train your staff with these tools is again time-consuming. SEO, being a part of digital marketing, can give you solutions related to your website, content, or other marketing strategies as well.

Efficient results

There’s a possibility that your website already has decent traffic but the lead generation is not optimum. In such cases, SEO agencies can help you with the right keyword strategies, lead generation, and content marketing strategies. This will give you faster results.

Also, when you hire professionals like StudioHawk (, your work begins immediately. An in-house team requires time to generate ideas, do pre-planning followed by the execution which again demands hours of hard work. However, professionals have almost nil or a very gentle learning curve.

White-Hat SEO

It is the opposite version of Black Hat SEO. The White-Hat SEO will stop you from getting penalized by Google and help you to maintain the integrity of the website.

The agencies will keep their focus on all the ‘good’ practices like quality content and service, faster loading websites, mobile-friendliness, keyword-rich meta-tags, etc. that will actually help you to rank higher.

Long term practice

SEO is nothing that you do today and stop doing tomorrow. It wouldn’t give you the desired results. It is a long, continuous process. The algorithm keeps changing time and again. SEO experts have to go through these changes to bring you the results. For you to spare so much time from business is going to be difficult. However, for them, this is their business. So, they align the events accordingly.

Also, the content that has already been uploaded needs constant monitoring to verify if it can still generate leads. If it shows low traffic or ranking, you need to modify the content with current SEO strategies to rank it higher. The cycle goes on. You also have to work with PPC and implement changes wherever necessary.

Over to you…

Everyone is designed for a task. This task is better done when handled by experts. You might know the basics. But this competitive world no longer runs on basics. It needs instant results. People and businesses worldwide have started comprehending the power of SEO and have quit the conventional method of handling it themselves.

After all, you are going to be judged on the basis of your rank level on the SERP’s and in no circumstances, you will want to fail there. This is how outsourcing SEO agencies can help your business grow.