5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

The importance of email marketing cannot be ignored. Even more important is the content inside your email. Learn the tricks of the trade here.

Though email marketing provides a high ROI for companies, many don’t understand the importance of email marketing for their businesses. If you’re one of the people who understand why email marketing is important, you’re already ahead of the game, and we are going to help you get even further.

Continue reading this article to learn the top ways to improve your email marketing strategy.

  1. Clean It Up

Are you proud of the big email list you’ve built? How long have you been building it? Chances are if you’ve been building your email list for a year or even less, that you have inactive people on your email list.

These inactive people might be ones who entered their email improperly or people who are no longer interested in what you have to offer.

Scrub your email list regularly and keep only people that open emails within a certain period of time; say, 90 days.

  1. Design Appealing Campaigns

If your email campaigns are boring or unattractive, you might find you lose a lot of people due to your lack of luster. You can look at these four ways to test your email designs, as well as other methods to make sure your email designs are working.

No matter how appealing you think your emails are, if you don’t test them, you’ll never know.

  1. Use List Segmentation

If your company sells multiple products or services, it is extremely important to segment your list. You only want to send emails about things people are interested in.

If you are a digital marketing company and only have one email list, you might be sending emails to people about web content when they are interested in help with PPC.

When you segment your list, you’ll be able to avoid sending emails to people with things they aren’t interested in. The more segmented your list is, the easier it is for you to send personalized emails that convert potential buyers into buyers.

  1. Use One Call to Action

If you have too many calls to action statements in your email, people will be confused. Each email should only have one objective, and that objective can be whatever you pick from making a sale or further segmenting your list by having them click a certain link.

  1. Test Different Deployment Times

Send emails out at different times throughout the day and see when your audience is online and opening emails. While people do come to check their email throughout the day, if your email is at the top because it’s most recent when they check it, they are more likely to click.

Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing

Now you have even more of an understanding of the importance of email marketing. Not only this, but you also know some strategies to boost the results you get.

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