5 Ways to use IGTV to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram added IGTV as a feature on its platform where users can share only videos. The videos are meant to be in the vertical format. IGTV is Instagram’s attempt at creating a platform like YouTube. It may not have topped the popularity of YouTube but it sure became popular on Instagram.

Users can upload videos that are 15 seconds to 10 minutes longer. Verified users can upload much longer videos. Given the popularity of IGTV, we decided to give you 5 ways in which you can increase engagement on Instagram using IGTV.

The Quality of The Video

The quality of the video that you upload on IGTV needs to be very good. If your video is longer then you have to put engaging content in the first minute of your video as after the first minute of the video is up users need to click on the video to continue watching on IGTV. So, if you cannot keep their interests for that 1 minute then you might not have lots of people clicking and going to IGTV to watch the rest of the video.

Also, Instagram was created to give users the best media viewing experience. So, the better the quality of the post the better it will look on people’s feed and they might want to watch the entire thing and keep coming back for more. IGTV was Instagram’s initiative to create a sort of platform which deals with video sharing like YouTube. So, you need to ensure that the video is well shot and the lighting is good.

Users should be able to clearly see what is going on. Since gaining more engagement is the goal here you need to remember that users will only like or comment on your video if they enjoy it and for that to be true the quality needs to be good.

Video Needs to Be Created for IGTV

If you are looking to upload videos on IGTV you have to remember that you cannot just start posting videos made for YouTube or other social media platforms on IGTV. The video needs to look good on IGTV.

One of the distinct characteristics of IGTV is that it shows vertical videos. So, when you are creating content for your account to be uploaded on IGTV you have to keep in mind that the video needs to be shot vertically and should cover the full screen of the smartphone. You cannot just shoot a horizontal video and then decide to flip it and out on IGTV.

It will look bad and your followers or potential audience might be turned off by it. Also, your videos should have multiple different elements in it and if possible try to create content that allows you to directly interact with your Instagram followers.

You can see a lot of cooking videos, DIY videos, motivational and instructional videos, etc. are popular on IGTV because the format and structure of IGTV, suits that style of videos. If you are shooting a vlog it would be a good idea to take shots of surroundings as well rather than just using a selfie camera focused on you unless that’s your USP.

Make Instructional or Informative Videos

As we mentioned before a good amount of videos on IGTV which are popular include videos that give some sort of information or instruction. The format of IGTV videos is such that instructional and informative videos look very good.

Of course, this may not be possible for everyone as different niches might need different types of content but for a lot of different categories, you can try and make instructional videos. Let’s take a few common examples and then let’s look for a couple of obscure ones.

If you are a digital painter then you can make a 10 minute tutorial on how you look for references or how you come up with ideas. You can also show your drawing process in short and simple steps. People enjoy watching short videos which can provide them with a lot of info. If you own confectionery and take online orders for delivery then you can make a video detailing the recipe for a cheesecake etc.

Now, let’s say you own a vacation rental then how can you make an informative video. Of course, you can make videos about the place where your apartment is but how can you make it instructional. Well, you can make a video showing what people need to bring if they are travelling to that location. What things they should pack and then what an ideal trip to that vacation place could be. So, you have to be creative.

Use Analytics to Your Advantage

If you are looking to grow on Instagram and increase engagement using IGTV then you have to accept that you will not be perfect the first time or the second time or even the third time. You will gradually understand what works and what doesn’t and will create content that drives more engagement.

This is where analytics can be of great help. When Instagram added the IGTV feature to its platform it came with its own detailed analytics. You can use the results from the analysis of your videos and figure out what is driving more engagement and what has more room for improvement.

These analytics can even give you an idea about the audience retention which tells you how many minutes did people watch your video before closing it and scrolling to different stuff. This will let you know how long your videos need to be and if you like making longer videos then maybe they are not interesting or entertaining enough for people as they are dropping off. Analytics will also help you figure out what type of videos your followers are enjoying.


If you want to drive more engagement to your content and your Instagram account then posting entertaining content is the best way to do it. Doesn’t matter what your opinion on it is but Instagram comedy has become a catchphrase and funny Instagram videos are quite popular and drive a lot of engagement.

Most people come to social media to relax so if you can provide them a good entertaining video to watch on IGTV then chances are they will take it. Make sure that you get your viewers hooked up in the first 10 to 15 seconds. Also, just because you are given 10 minutes it does not mean that you have to make long videos.

Try to keep it short, entertaining, and simple. Let’s go back to our confectionery example. If you can simplify the process of making a cheesecake and make an entertaining instructional video then you will receive more engagement.

There are social media service providers that can help you improve the appearance of your videos on IGTV. You can opt for services to buy IGTV comments, likes, or views. In general, it is advisable to grow organically but if you have formulated a strategy and using these tools can help you out then check them out.