6 Apps to Edit Your Instagram Stories

New Instagram Stories applications are being released on a daily basis, which means that stories are becoming more creative, interactive, and interesting!

With over 500 million daily active users, marketers want to level up their Instagram Stories to interact with their followers, boost traffic to their profile, and regain control of their reach.

Fortunately, generating high-quality Instagram stories content is now simpler than ever – all you have to do is step outside the Instagram app for some assistance!

Top 6 Apps to Edit Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Story applications can assist you in creating high-quality, coherent stories that will entice your audience to return for more! While there are dozens of applications to select from, MegaFamous has prepared a list of the top Instagram Stories apps:

1: Over for Eye-Catching Text Graphics

Over is a terrific Instagram Stories tool that allows you to overlay text and graphics onto your photographs and videos, which is excellent for providing advice, inspirational quotations, or adding a creative twist to your campaign! Over offers a “zillion” pictures, typefaces, graphics, templates, and tools to assist you in creating high-quality, on-brand content.

Leveraging Instagram Story templates to enhance your story is one of the most straightforward ways to do it, and Over made it easy to introduce a little action to your flawlessly on-brand stuff. Over’s stock video library contains a plethora of diverse animations from which to draw inspiration for your project.

Whether you use a template or start from scratch, the possibilities are nearly limitless. If you’re ever stuck, their devoted community even has a #bestofover hashtag to assist you to get inspiration from other authors!

2: Storyluxe for Captivating Content

The new Storyluxe app is attracting users’ attention as the latest Instagram Stories template app. The software has a plethora of unique Instagram story themes, such as polaroid and instant film templates, neon, floral, and many more. It is well-known for having the most up-to-date and imaginative templates available:

Simply choose a template from one of the packs and upload your photographs and videos to get started. Then, to match your Instagram aesthetic, you may improve your tale using Storyluxe’s filters, background textures, and colors.

3: Unfold Templates for a Clean & Minimalist Look

Using Instagram Stories themes is one of the simplest methods to improve the quality of your story’s content! You can generate unified content that resonates with your business as a whole by employing a collection of themes for your Instagram Stories.

If you don’t feel confident creating or using layouts in Adobe Photoshop, you might do it on a mobile phone using the Unfold app for Instagram Stories. With its library of clean and contemporary templates, Unfold stormed into the spotlight this year. It’s becoming one of the most popular Instagram Story template applications!

Plus! You may preview your tale in “Story Mode,” which allows you to see how your stories will appear on Instagram before you press “post.” Unfold is set to become your favorite app if you’re searching for a quick and easy solution to give your Instagram Stories a more coherent appearance.

4: Seen: Story Maker for Animated and Dynamic Stories

Seen is packed with smooth and flawless transitions if you want to add professional-level animations to your Instagram Stories! You can simply build slides with seamless, dynamic, and interesting transitions between each 15-second post with Seen, so your audience will be captivated and less inclined to tap away from your postings.

Furthermore, Seen offers animated text alternatives to help bring your postings to life, making even a plain product photodynamic and interesting.

5: Later: Scheduled Instagram’s Stories Content

Posting on Instagram Stories on a regular basis is essential for growing a following and generating views, and you can plan your stories in the same way that you would plan other social posts in your content calendar. Instead of creating fresh stories on a regular basis, you can now upload your images and content straight to your Instagram Stories calendar!

You can ensure that you’re posting consistently and keeping top of mind with your audience by scheduling your material ahead of time. Furthermore, it allows you to get a bird’s eye perspective of your posts’ look and content — so you’ll never share an off-brand post again!

All you have to do is drag and drop your tales into the storyboard tool, then rearrange them to match the order and design you like. Then, when it’s time to post, you may add links or captions to your scheduled articles, which will be copied to your phone.

You’ll get a notice on your phone when it’s time to publish. When you open the notification, your stories will be downloaded to your phone and the captions or links will be copied to your clipboard, allowing you to publish Instagram Stories in seconds.

Scheduling Instagram Stories is one of the most effective ways to expand your company on Instagram in 2021!

6: InShot To Introduce a Background to Your Photos and Videos

The InShot Video Editor is a picture and video editing program that was created specifically to make your content appropriate for an Instagram Stories post (or any other video platform!).

Before you begin working on your project, be sure to pick “Canvas” to change the size of Instagram Stories. The InShot Video Editor takes your existing video and allows you to modify the aspect ratio, as well as simply resize and crop it to suit Instagram Stories – which can be difficult at times!

You may also set your movie on background by selecting a simple colored background from within the program or uploading a picture from your smartphone. This means that your fantastic footage will never go to waste — and you can quickly share it with your Instagram Stories followers!


Finally, there are so many different picture and video editing tools for Instagram Stories that you can truly let your imagination run wild! A successful approach should include interesting, unique methods to connect with your audience in addition to publishing often to Instagram Stories.

Following the above-mentioned tips will definitely contribute to increasing your reach on Instagram!