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6 Common FAQs People Have About Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers

There are a lot of questions that arise when you have a loved one that is considering entering a treatment center. Because of that, being prepared will help you understand what will happen.

You’ll find that there are things that you can bring with you and things that you can’t. Another issue is many people are concerned about the impact on their daily life.

Thankfully, we have the answers you need when considering going into a drug and alcohol treatment center!

Are treatment centers device-friendly?

While most treatments are device friendly, it varies depending on the region that you live in.

However, most are open about you bringing them with you as they understand that you don’t want to feel isolated.

Are patients allowed visitors?

Families and loved ones are encouraged to visit as it helps the patient’s recovery and lets them know that you’re their support system. Family interaction is essential during this time, and it can help your loved one go through this process much more manageable.

How long do people usually stay at a drug and alcohol treatment center?

Time spent in a drug alcohol treatment center is highly varied as it depends upon multiple factors.

For example, insurance may only pay for a few weeks. You may recover at a faster rate than a typical patient, or you may relapse or experience issues that make your stay longer. However, in many cases, a regular visit is between a month and three months.

How often is therapy conducted?

Therapy will usually be once a week with one-on-one sessions.

However, there is access anytime for treatment staff if they experience an issue. There is also help with medication.

What will it cost me?

Health insurance usually covers a stay in a drug and alcohol treatment center for one hundred percent of the treatment. However, you can reach out to the representatives of the treatment facility, and they can help navigate you through the financial process.

Can I still work while attending treatment?

You can! Many of the patients that go into a drug and alcohol treatment center are encouraged to work during their treatment time as having a regular routine helps the recovery process.

One reason behind that is that addicts usually lack control and get depressed about feeling like their life is spiraling.

Changing your life for the better

A drug and alcohol center may seem like a scary or discomforting place. However, it’s not meant to be. The only thing it’s meant to do is help you heal from the inside out. Being prepared when you go in makes the process much less frightening.

The treatment center encourages family participation, allows you to form a routine, and will help your loved one heal in a safe and controlled environment. Make a choice and look into a drug and alcohol treatment center today, and your loved one will thank you when they have a healthier future.