6 Habits That Successful People Had When They Were Kids

It is true that learning has no age limit. As long as you are receptive to knowledge and willing to give your best, age is not a barrier to become successful. J.K Rowling published her first book of the Harry Potter series when she was 32. Colonel Sanders – the man behind KFC found his revolutionary secret ingredient when he was 62 years old. Many successful people found their success in their passions later on in their lives. But do you think they were not preparing for this success way before that?

Many successful people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, etc. have attributed their success to the lessons learned and experiences they had when they were children. The values and principles that children learn today, form the foundation of their adult life. Being successful is not an end-goal, it is an attitude. Many of our role models grew up facing difficulties and without support or endorsements. But today, thanks to technology, our kids have access to resources and tools to better themselves and be successful person in life.

So why not teach kids habits that would mold them into successful people? Why not learn from great people and their lives? Let us look at some habits that successful people had when they were children.

1) The ability to say “I can” – Kids should learn to trust their instincts and minds. They should realize that they have control over their actions and thoughts. They should believe that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Parents can encourage this habit by recognizing their uniqueness. Help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. You can nurture this habit by giving them puzzles and logical activities that will encourage them to think. Gradually increase the difficulty level of these activities. Initially, your kids may feel frustrated, but help them through the struggle. This will help them believe that nothing is too complicated for their minds. This conviction can do wonders for their self-esteem and help them in future life to become successful people.

2) Being Proactive – A very important quality of highly effective and successful people is going the extra mile to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Teach your kids that the only way to predict the future is to build it. Your kids should have the ability to plan their activities to achieve their daily goals as well as their long-time ambitions. A huge barrier to success is the habit of procrastination. You can help them overcome this by helping them make a schedule. Create a to-do-list for everyday activities. Make a vision board together. This will help them be focused on the present and lay foundation for their successful life in future.

3) Being Disciplined – When motivation is not enough, discipline keeps you going. Teaching discipline to kids means that they learn to prioritize their goals. Learning discipline is helping them in choosing actions that will take them closer to be successful in future. It is not just waking up early or studying for hours. It is also about being consistent, persistent, and having a genuine passion for their goals. You can teach them discipline by assigning them chores, helping them stick to their schedule, etc.These habits of highly effective people will make them successful.

4) Practicing Mindfulness – Learning how to practice mindfulness can help kids to manage their stress and to control their emotions. An important quality of successful people is to be calm in overwhelming situations. Learning mindfulness can help kids to be focused on their present, and to be aware of their surroundings and inner self. You can teach kids meditation and deep breathing techniques to help them to be in tune with their bodies and minds. It helps kids to be kinder and more patient towards the people around them. It gives them the emotional intelligence needed to accept other opinions and to have healthy discussions. It also helps them be more productive and focused without any burnout thus laying foundation for being successful in life.

5) Learn New Skills – The biggest step successful people take is updating their knowledge according to the needs of the world. Many of them anticipated how the world would look like in a couple of years, and learned skills that no one thought of. Most successful people in the world  like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Daphne Koller, and Jack Dorsey learned to code as kids and revolutionized the world of programming. Warren Buffett learned about finance as a kid and now rules the finance industry. These successful people tried learning new things when their minds were the fastest and most active. Your kid is exactly at that age. The future is technology. Skills like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are going to be in demand. Other soft skills like communication, leadership, gratitude, etc. will help kids become successful people and happy. As parents, encourage your kids to learn these skills through online courses, school programs, etc.to equip them with qualities that will help them to be ahead of others and make them successful people in time to come.

6) Empathy and Understanding – A person’s success is not defined by his wealth; it is defined by the number of people who respect them. Teach your kids to be respectful, empathetic, and kind to people, even if they don’t agree with them. Your kids should know how to be tolerant and accepting of differences and how to celebrate similarities. Teach them to choose loyalty and honesty over fame and money. These little things will help them in their social and emotional learning. These qualities will make them effective and successful people.