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6 Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Most cases appearing before the justices in courts of law are a result of negligence by another party.

For instance, if you’ve suffered an injury because of someone else’s fault (negligence), you may file a personal injury lawsuit. The benefit of this lawsuit is that it recovers compensation for the damages suffered such as lost wages and expensive hospital (medical) bills.

According to Viñas & DeLuca Miami Injury Lawyers, however, winning the case and getting compensated requires competent attorneys from a reputable law firm. Getting such an attorney with a level of expertise is not a walk in the park.

An experienced attorney poses certain qualities that make it easier to distinguish them from the inexperienced category.

Check out this post to understand the qualities to look for in a personal injury attorney.

1. Good Communication Skills

Talking of communication skills – to provide an outstanding legal presentation, unmatched communication skills will play an important function. The skills your attorney poses have a direct relationship with every aspect of the case. Such aspects include:

  • When negotiating with the insurance company.
  • The lawyer’s ability to keep you informed on any development in your case.
  • Being able to connect with the jury and show the extent to which you’ve been affected by the injury.

If your attorney has displayed your legal options during consultation in an unclear manner, you should understand that the same instance may occur in the next level of your case.

However, if you have a clear understanding of your case in the consultation phase and are satisfied, then your attorney has the communication skills required.

2. High Level of Expertise in Handling Similar Cases to Yours

To some extent, personal injury is a broad field of law covering various kinds of cases. This means that certain attorneys may have the relevant specializations but can’t handle certain kinds of personal injury cases.

Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to ask your attorney if they poses the level of experience you need for your case. It is not surprising that your attorney may lack what you are searching for.

In an instance like this, the best you can do is to start a fresh search for the attorney with the experience you need.

3. Extensive Litigation Experience

Your case is likely to proceed to trial in case you are not interested in a settlement event. But to ensure you achieve a positive outcome in the trial, your attorney must have extensive litigation experience. Some the litigation experience include:

  • Having the ability to leverage even the most technical aspects of your trial to your advantage.
  • Having a better understanding of how to optimize the process of jury selection.
  • Possessing the ability to interrogate witnesses effectively.

4. Strong Negotiation Skills

In a personal injury, the initial step is always trying to negotiate with the insurance firm. It may be unfortunate and to some extent, it is unfortunate that the insurance company may try to minimize the sum of money they are entitled to pay on your claim.

To avoid all these, your attorney must have strong negotiation skills which in turn will ensure your settlement offer corresponds to the true value of the damages suffered.

The sum of money you will get is fully dependent on your attorney’s ability to negotiate with the insurance company.

5. Proven Track Record of Success

It is without a doubt that all claims filed at the law firms vary (are unique). This only means that past results don’t stand a chance of guaranteeing you positive income in your case. The results are proof of how certain attorneys have done with cases of other clients.

Therefore, it is advisable to work with an attorney who has achieved success in both verdicts and settlements.

6. Specialization in the Field of Personal Injury

It is not surprising that most attorneys have wide knowledge that covers different fields of law.

And it’s not a bad idea to work with one of such attorneys as long as personal injury is part of their practice. But you should consider working with an attorney who only specializes in personal injury cases because it is a surety of a positive and successful outcome.

Bottom Line

In case you want to ensure the success of your claim before the court of law, you should consider hiring and working with a personal injury attorney with acceptable codes of conduct.

You should also consider the above qualities to make the right choice for your attorney.