6 reasons why custom made jewelry is such a big trend

As time goes on, people are looking for more and more ways in which they can represent themselves through fashion. One such way that people are doing this is through custom-made jewelry and custom pendants.

When you own a piece of jewelry that has been crafted by a custom pendant maker or bespoke jeweler, you have a statement piece to wear. This is becoming much more of a trend in recent times, so we will talk through 6 reasons why custom-made jewelry is such a big trend.

Working with a budget

While it would be nice to be able to walk around with jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, that isn’t always achievable. The beauty of working with bespoke jewelry is that it works with your budget. Depending on your budget, you may have to sacrifice working with certain metals or including different gemstones, but it will still give you great value, and the price isn’t predetermined on the creation of the piece.

Get your custom pendant instead of looking for a chain or pendant that was made for the retail market. This will allow you to stretch your money as far as you can. You are not dealing with any middleman that would be taking a cut; now, you are speaking with the person who would design, proof, and make the piece to get it to you, which you then benefit from financially.

Realize your vision

One of the biggest reasons that people like to have customized jewelry is the fact that it is their own vision brought to reality. Have you ever gone shopping and thought of a design that you prefer to have over the design in-store? Creating a design and having it made will help create a design that no one else will have.

The exclusivity of the item alone makes it worthwhile to get done, never mind the actual aesthetics of the piece itself. You can also rest assured that the item will be a perfect fit, especially when it comes to rings. The last thing that anyone needs is a ring that is so loose, it can fall off, increasing that opportunity of losing the ring!


Another aspect that has brought custom pendants and other jewelry to the fore is sentimentality. While the piece itself can be considered valuable based on the precious metals and precious stones used, it has also been made and manufactured specifically for you. The design has been carefully done to reflect your own personality to make it truly special.

On top of all of that, a well-made custom piece of jewelry can also become a family heirloom that is passed down to generations. Therefore, by engaging with a custom pendant maker or jeweler and having a piece made, you are able to create a piece of your own legacy to pass on!

Ease of creation

Custom pieces have never been so accessible due to the advancements in technology. No longer do you need to be a wealthy lord to have a piece commissioned, nor do you need to be in the jeweler circuit, with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) being so widely used.

In fact, now all you need is a sketch, and the drawing doesn’t need to be magnificent, just enough to give the designer an idea as to what you are looking for. Then you can choose the metals and stones that you want the piece to be made from and include. You can send us a sketch of a custom pendant or similar, and we will come back to you with different designs.

You don’t even need to visit a jewelry store to order custom jewelry anymore. Everything can be done online, from sending a sketch or photo to then deciding what metals and stones you want to be included in the design. Finally, the renders will then be sent to you so that you will be able to see what the final product would look like. All of this can be done while you are at home watching the TV or in the office working!

Social Media

Social Media plays a massive role in trends and how they come about. With the leading Social Media sites being visual such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, there is now more awareness of different fashion styles and trends. With the click of a button, images are shared online instantly, and trends can change almost instantaneously.

Luckily, this suits custom pendants and jewelry as it can be anything. People want more diversity and options when it comes to fashion, and you can see many of the rich and famous have custom pieces of jewelry that will further influence the trends!


As you would be discussing the design from the cradle to the grave, you will have a lot more say in the overall process and design of the jewelry. This is especially important when considering what stones you want, as you will also need to decide where you want those stones to come from and how they were sourced, meaning that you know the whole story of the stones!

Final Word

There are so many other reasons why you should get your pendant or other jewelry custom-made, but we thought you should at least know the 6 mentioned above. It is essential to think about what you want the jewelry to be used for and what sort of statement you want it to make, whether bling or refinement.

Creating a piece that fits along with your lifestyle has never been easier. Should you decide that you want to have something made, make the process as easy as possible for yourself by having a sketch ready with the idea that you have, that way, the process will be much more streamlined. Now get out there and start thinking about the different designs that you want hanging from your neck or wrapped around your finger!