6 Things You Should Know About CBD Oil

With 20% of people aged 18-29 and 16% of the 30-49 year-olds using it, more Americans have shifted their opinions about cannabis than ever before. All thanks to a simple form of cannabidiol, the CBD oil.

Contrary to what you may believe, CBD does not equate with marijuana. The latter contains THC, a psychoactive compound. On the other hand, CBD, also from the cannabis plant, does not have any mind-altering effects.

If you are new to CBD, the sheer amount of information out there can overwhelm you. The good news is, there are quality CBD products available at reputed online outlets that are transparent and informative about their offerings. Significantly, CBD oil from labels like Lazarus Naturals, using extracts from crops with high cannabinoid levels, can help you find a natural cure for your medical issues. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision while choosing the right CBD oil product.

Source of the Hemp

Ideally, CBD oil is sourced from legally licensed, USDA-certified hemp farms. Otherwise, the product is in direct violation of federal law, making it illegal to possess.

Reputed outlets present top labels that procure CBD oil extracts from the plush farms in states like Oregon, one of the leaders in industrialized hemp production. Such resources harvest and formulate all of their CBD oil extracts in-house, ensuring you use THC-free and non-GMO products made from the finest hemp.

Legalities for CBD Oil Possession

You might wonder whether buying and possessing CBD oil is illegal in your state. But it is the most common misconception since cannabis and its derived products are illegal in some parts of the country.

Famous names like Lazarus Naturals offer federally-authorized legal hemp-based CBD products, such as the oil form containing THC within the permitted limit of 0.3%. With hemp farming legal across the country since 2018, using these branded CBD oil derived solely from the hemp plant is lawful. However, states like Virginia have few restrictions, such as needing a medical prescription while purchasing CBD oil.

CBD Oil Will Not Give You A High Feeling

Like marijuana, CBD oil comes from cannabis plants, but it undergoes entirely different production processes, eliminating the oil extracts’ intoxicating effects.

The THC compound from the cannabis plant creates a high feeling. While marijuana contains at least 80% of THC, THC’s legal limit in CBD oil stands at a maximum of only 0.3%. You can find excellent options online, with no or small THC content, making their CBD oil offerings safer to use.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil includes natural compounds that bind with your body’s receptors, offering you many health benefits.

You will find CBD oil very useful to treat medical conditions like depression, anxiety, mental disorders, and even insomnia.

Online outlets offer top brands for CBD oil; you can use their products to relieve chronic pain and inflammation.

Right Quantity of CBD

While 50mg of high-potency full-spectrum tincture a day may work well for you, however, in some conditions, you might require 800 or even 1,000mg for better results.

But, you can make a good deal with products containing 6000mg of CBD in a 120ml bottle if you need an average of 50-100mg a day.

CBD Oil, A Safe Option for Pets

CBD oil has proven its efficacy in helping treat chronic pain, nausea, and improve appetite among pets.

Top online stores offer branded CBD oil extracts, exclusively for pets, that you can introduce in their diet, thus preventing anxiety and improving your pet’s overall health.

In recent years, CBD oil has generated quite a buzz in the health and wellness community, with many studies published to support its health benefits to humans. However, a qualified doctor can prescribe you the required CBD dosage. Accordingly, choose a branded CBD oil product from a well-known online shop, ensuring it suits your health requirements and helps you lead a peaceful, stress-free lifestyle.