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6 tips for keeping your house clean every day

Hiring someone to take care of household chores is the dream of many. But the budget is not always there. Having a house that is tidy all the time (or almost) without putting too much effort into it requires constant routine and a little willpower.

The idea is not to have to spend a full day of the week cleaning. In order to do this, it is inevitable: you have to do a little bit every day. Do you want your home to be clean at all times? These 6 tips will definitely help you!

Start with a great decluttering

The fewer things you own, the fewer things you have to store and clean. Logic! Decluttering is a cyclical task. It is good to repeat this exercise annually. Wardrobes, the garage, the shed are as important to declutter as the tote drawer in the kitchen and the basket of cosmetics in the bathroom. Go one room at a time!

Keep your things where you use them

Do you play board games in the living room, but they’re still stored in the basement? Do you like to read in bed, but your library is downstairs? Find a way to keep the items where they are used, such as keeping them in nice chests. Thus, you will not be tempted to leave them lying around since the storage will be nearby.

Never leave a floor – or room – empty-handed

It is a safe bet that items are found scattered here and there in the house. Get into the habit of picking up these items and putting them where they belong when you go to another room, even if that’s not your reason for going. Taking care of one thing at a time cleans your home without realizing it.

Do more washing

Counter intuitive? Maybe. But by doing a load of laundry a day, you’ll avoid letting this stain pile up to the point of taking up several hours of your weekend. This will ensure that there will be less clutter in the laundry room or unsightly baskets spilling out into each room.

Take 10 seconds or take 10 more steps

Perhaps the most important tip is to put things back in their place as soon as you are finished. The same goes for cleaning up messes. Did you splash the mirror while brushing your teeth? Do not wait for the next big cleaning of the bathroom to fix it.

Also, file your papers immediately after finishing your accounting: it will take you 10 seconds instead of leaving them lying around on the kitchen table for 10 months! This way, clutter does not take hold in the house.

Take on the kitchen every night

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most common room in the house. Every evening, wash the dishes, counters, oven, and hood, sweep and empty the trash. It is important not to neglect it: in this room, the build-up is too rapid … and discouraging.

By implementing these 6 tips, you should have a much cleaner and tidier home on a daily basis. However, for certain jobs, professional services are the only solution.

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