6 Tips to start a conversation with a girl

While a lot of us may think that starting a conversation is pretty easy, it may not necessarily be true for everyone. Breaking the ice between two people becomes even more tricky when they are of the opposite sex.

Having no clue about how to start a conversation with a girl quite prevalent among young men, which may seem like no problem today, but it can turn out to be rough on them in the long run, as they grow. If you are a young man with similar problems, then below are some tips to help you get started.

1. Start with a Question

Questions are pretty helpful when you want to talk to someone for the first time. There is no reason why a girl would not help you out with your question. It could be anything; all you have to do is ask the question to her.

Whether it is something you missed while taking notes in the class, or wanting to know about a café nearby, a question can bring you a long way with the conversation.

2. Discuss Her Favourite Music

We are a music-driven generation, and everyone has some music they listen to. So, if you have come across her favorite music on your timeline, then it can come out to be very helpful for you to begin a talk.

Sharing a favorite artist will allow you to get along well with someone you are new with, and she would also appreciate your excellent choice of music.

3. Compliment Her

If you like a girl you meet every day but barely talk to, then complimenting might turn out to be the way to go. Girls like appreciation, and if you take time to be nice and say a few good words about her new jacket or hairdo, she is more likely to thank you and go on to have a quick conversation.

Ensure that your compliments do not come out as awkward or flirty. Be careful with your tone and selective with your words.

4. Bring in a Common Friend

There is always an acquaintance or a friend that knows the person you are interested in. Get this acquaintance to introduce you, and you are all set for a conversation. You can go on to talk about how you met this familiar friend and take the discussion wherever you want from there.

5. Comment on Her Social Media Stories

If you manage to find your match on different chatting, or online dating sites and apps, then beginning a conversation can be even more comfortable. Because most of these dating apps and websites allow users to connect on social media, you can comment on their stories, or status to get going with a conversation.

Try avoiding controversial topics while you try to interact with her on social media. Also, please do not go overboard with this interaction, and end up looking like you’re stalking her there.

6. Help Her Out with Class or Office Work

When you see the girl you like in some trouble with her school assignments or office tasks, it could be an excellent opportunity for you to help her out with it, and in the process, you will end up having a conversation. This conversation will be work-based, but it is something to get started. An interaction like this can lay the foundations for more talks in the future.

All these tips are helpful enough get you talking with any girl, but do remember that carrying confidence is the key for any convo to be successful. So, make sure not to look scared and keep a smile on your face while you go on about using these suggestions. Good luck!