6 Types Of Socks Every Man Should Have In The Wardrobe

A pair of socks is such an essential men’s wardrobe item that makes them look more presentable on any occasion. Whether it is an engagement party, get together, job interview, or a first date, a good pair of socks paired well with the attire is what makes a man look stylish.

If you are someone who can’t do without socks, you have come to the right place. Below are the six types of socks you should have in your sock wardrobe-

Athletic Socks

Athletic socks or mens ankle socks are an important sock wardrobe essential. Men usually wear athletic socks during workout sessions or physical activities, such as cycling, walking, trekking, jogging, etc.

Undoubtedly, they are the must-have items for the sports lover. One significant advantage of good quality athletic socks is they help prevent blisters and avoid sweating.

Unfortunately, these types of socks aren’t available in many shades. Black, grey, navy, and white are some of the colors you can choose from.

No Show Socks

Feel like showing off a little leg? No show socks are a perfect choice! The best thing is, these socks go well with whatever you are wearing, including shorts, pants, jeans, etc. Wear these socks with loafers, sneakers and boost your super cool look while keeping your feet safe from blisters.

The socks also look good with almost all types of shoes except sandals, boots, and high-tops. So, grab a pair of these trendy socks in the prints or colors you like. Make sure to check if the fabric is breathable, though. Also, while trying the socks, they shouldn’t slide off your feet when you walk.

Quarter Length or Short Crew

Also known as micro crew or mini crew socks, several brands sell crew socks in different lengths. These socks are longer than the ankle socks but shorter than the crew socks, which means they end above the ankle and below the mid-calf.

When you wear high or mid-top shoes and want to prevent chafing around the ankles, mini crew socks are perfect. You can even wear these socks while hiking or running even in the summertime. Even better? They will protect your ankles from bug bites.

Besides, they are a good alternative to crew length socks or calf socks when it is hot. You can wear them with shorts and pants too. They are just like athletic socks, functional, not stylish.

Crew Length Socks

It is perhaps the most popular choice among men. Whether you are wearing knee-length shorts or a suit, crew length socks look good with any kind of outfit. Nowadays, crew length socks are available in funky design and become the focal point of attraction. From stripes to geometric designs and multiple colors, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Calf Socks


Any wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of classic shoes like loafers. These are the items every fashion-forward man should own. But, if you don’t have the right kind of socks, you won’t be able to flaunt your style. So, what type of socks should you choose for such a type of shoe?

Well, the answer is calf socks! Not only the loafers, but these socks also go fine with every day sneakers. Be it formal, casual, or semi-formal style; these socks are a perfect option.

Choose a monochromatic suit and pair it with loafers along with calf socks. This look is perfect for wedding functions, parties, and corporate events. If you want to go with a more casual look, grab your favorite khaki shorts, and pair them up with sneakers and calf socks.

The socks are also a perfect match for hiking boots, Chelsea boots, etc. You can choose the pair you like from a range of colors, patterns, and sizes available.