6 Ways to Protect Babies from Covid 19

Two of the most vulnerable groups who will be at the highest risk from Covid 19 are the elderly and babies. If you have toddlers at home who have yet to fully develop their immune system, be extra careful. You need to take the necessary steps to protect your baby from the virus, which could be coming from you. To lower the risks as much as possible, you can take a few precautions that could make all the difference.

These precautions extend to things you can wear, things you can take, and things you can do. A lot of it will also involve some lifestyle changes. With the world being what it is, only those who take the threat seriously can thrive.

Using PPE

You may think that PPE is used for your protection and yours alone but it’s not limited to that. It is also meant to protect other people from you, with vulnerable people, in particular, needing that protection. Your baby happens to fall under this category, so you have to use PPE when interacting with them. The most basic of these is a face mask, but a face shield would be fine, as well.

The most crucial period for wearing PPE when interacting with your baby is during their first few months. If your baby is not yet a year old, you may want to wear a surgical gown. You can find some good ones when you check out information like the 5 Best Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy. You will then wear this on top of the basic mask and face shield.

Anti-Covid Home Protocol

Due to the fact that Covid 19 took pretty much the whole world by surprise, holes and vulnerabilities were exposed. We were not prepared, but we adapted soon enough and now, new protocols are in place. These include foot bath mats, exterior changing rooms, separate laundry baskets and areas for travel clothes, and more. Some places have even installed actual sprinkler systems that dispense disinfectants to sanitize people and objects before entering.

This new paradigm in living in the public, corporate, and private sectors has done a lot in reducing infection rates. However, the virus has not yet been eradicated and there is still a high risk of getting sick. So sticking with the new protocols would be in the best interest of your entire family. You can never be too clean when approaching your infant, after all.

Changing Habits

Even with the current epidemic, it can still be a struggle to change habits, which can be catastrophic. You have to make sure that you don’t do anything to put your life or that of your child in danger. As such, it would mean so much if you could start cleaning up a bit more. You could also disinfect every time you handle money, pick up delivered packages, and so much more.

When you are outside the house, you should also remember to observe rules like social distancing. Handshakes are no longer safe and you will want to drop the habit of touching your face fast. Those are just some of the changes in habits that you need to keep in mind, as well. There are a lot more and they all serve the purpose of keeping you from getting infected by Covid 19.

Stocking Up On Medication

Although there is no cure or even a practical vaccine for Covid 19, yet, medication is still important. The presence of the virus does not mean that the other diseases have suddenly gone away. They are still around and with the heightened attention being directed toward the epidemic, those took a backseat.

By stocking up on medication, you can prepare your household to deal with those health issues when they appear. Stocking up on supplements, first-aid kits, and many others would be necessary, as well. You don’t want to be forced to rush to the drug store if your baby contracts a fever. This would increase the likelihood of you contracting Covid 10 because you become careless when panicked.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Regularly

This was already brought up earlier, but it bears elaborating to make sure that you get the point. To start with, disinfecting applies to every single part of your body and outfit. Many people believe that slathering purell on their hands is enough when they come back from going outside. It’s unfortunate, but this is not enough, which is why alcohol sprays and foot bath mats are a thing.

You should also regularly disinfect packages that are delivered to your door, the items you buy, and any guests arriving. This is why you need disinfectants that come in different forms. This includes squirting, spraying, wiping, and so much more. It may be a lot of effort, but this is all for the safety of your baby.

Limit Contact As Much As Possible

The final method to use for protecting your baby against Covid 19 is limiting as much outside contact as possible. Friends, neighbors, relatives, and family must all stay away for the duration of the epidemic. At the very least, they should undergo a thorough sanitizing process before they can get near your baby.


The threat that Covid 19 poses to infants, toddlers, and children is not to be underestimated. Next to the elderly, kids below 10 years of age are at the most risk from the disease. As such, it would be best to take precautions and play it safe. It would be far better to be over-prepared than risk the life of your bundle of joy.