7 Best Political Drama TV Series To Watch On Netflix

Decisions, laws, order, and power: politics is part of our day to day but also the protagonist of many television series. Frank Underwood is one of the great classics of the small screen but not the only one and there are many the best political series that you can see on Netflix.

Perfect series for a marathon, to feel the nerves of a political campaign or on Election Day. What lies behind, what decisions must be made or how to govern a country when everything gets ugly. These are some of the best policy series you can watch.

House of cards

It is the best series of entrepreneurs, but if House of Cards stands out for something, it is because it is one of the best series of politics of all time, power relations and large companies, corruption, and business.

A highly recommended series in recent times, with six seasons and 73 episodes available in total. House of Cards is one of the great classics of politics and power, large companies, subsidies, donations, and agreements between those who command and those who control money.

The west wing of the White House

If only one of the best politics news series of all time is to be highlighted “The West Wing of the White House” was one of the great classics of the 1990s with Aaron Sorkin as its creator.

One of the most popular and classic series from almost twenty years ago and with more than 150 episodes, more than 25 Emmy Awards achieved in its history and a must if you are looking for the best political series.

The series, as its name suggests, tells us what was happening in the oval office. A story about the ins and outs of the White House, the lived atmosphere, or the stress or tension submitted and with politics as the cause.

Designated successor

A good option of Netflix politics series of 2019. if you want a short, entertaining series and one of the best political series. Designated Successor begins with a big bang that kills the life of the President of the United States and all but one cabinet member.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Tom Kirkman, is the only survivor in the entire government team and he will be, from one day to the next, in charge of bringing order to all the commotion and a country in suspense.

Kirkman will be appointed as president and he will have to face the fate of the United States on his own before chaos takes over the country after what happened.

The Wire

The Wire is one of the best series of all time and one of the most voted by followers. The Wire is not, as such, one of the best political series that you can find online, but it is a series that deals with power, corruption, and blackmail.

It introduces you fully to history and much of its success is due to the impossibility of not feeling empathy for each of its protagonists or not making their pain your own.


One of the political news series and not as well-known as others in the list. With Gerard Depardieu as the protagonist, Marseille is the first French Netflix original series released in 2016 and it did not achieve the expected success but it is a good option if you are looking for something more unknown in this area. An entertaining series with two seasons.

The Newsroom

The relationship between politics and journalism is one of the great classics and The Newsroom reflects it perfectly. One of the best series of politics, media, and power. A series that marked the return of Aaron Sorkin and that you can watch in full on Netflix with 25 episodes in three available seasons.

The Newsroom we know about the work before a newscast in a newsroom of a popular North American network. Interviews with political leaders, the influence of journalism, journalistic decisions, pressures, and conflicts. The ins and outs of a television network with a veteran presenter in command and idealistic journalism.


If what you want is one of the best political series but without giving up your sense of humor and good vibes, Veep is one of the best options. A comedy is available on Netflix that stars Selina Meyer after becoming vice president of the United States.

Meyer realizes that her new job is not what she expected, she does not feel comfortable in it and she stars in one of the best current comedies that you can see on streaming television. An intelligent series but also a series full of political humor, constant insults, and continuous winks.