7 Best Tips & Tricks to Rank on Google

Who doesn’t want their website to rank on the first page of Google? Ranking on Google ensures the website welcomes a huge quantity of visitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques and strategies used to maximize the number of visitors to a particular website by acquiring a high ranking in their search results.

A vital feature of SEO is, SEO makes your website understandable for users and search engine robots. Follow these 7 steps listed below, adviced by  SEO Melbourne service that guarantees your website will rank on the first page.

Tips and tricks to rank on the first page of Google

Here are a few tricks and tips you can apply for your ranking on Google. These tips assure your ranking on Google.

Know where you stand: Knowing the strength of your website is vital. This determines your SEO strategy. Your domain authority will decide the type of keyword that will attract traffic to your site. If your site’s domain authority is high then difficult keywords are supposed to bring more traffic but if your domain isn’t so strong then simple keywords are recommended. It may result in less traffic but will be easier to rank for a weak domain.

Research Keyword smartly: It is the process to find the right keywords, which can help you to get targeted traffic. There are thousands of free and paid tools to help you with this process. Your keywords shouldn’t be more than 20 and make sure you provide buyer intent and information intent keywords. Keywords should be 3 words long.

Figure out the search intent: Now, you need to find out the user’s search intent. By getting the search intent, you will have an idea about the content you need to create to rank in Google.

Create SEO optimized content: After figuring out the keyword and type of content and create it. It can be either a blog post or a product/service page. For both types of content SEO optimization rules are similar.

Get some links: Your page will need backlinks to get to the first page. There are two types of links. Internal links are the links of other pages on your site. External links are links from other sites. You can also start link exchange and link swaps from other websites.

Track the traffic and Google ranking: Start keeping a track of the ranking of your pages for their keywords. This way you will get real-time feedback on your link-building work.

Optimize your page: After ranking, optimizes your page by improving dwell time, providing a proper Meta description. Also, update your content regularly to hold the users to remain on your site for any service or product information.

Web pages may be crucial for your business and its recognition, but the ranking makes them significant to the users. For a maintained name in the industry, it’s important to make your website relevant to the user’s search criteria. If you are wondering about the procedures to rank your website in Google, just go through 7 helpful tips.