7 Dating Tips for Plus Size People

Love doesn’t discriminate! Love doesn’t knock on doors on a specific body type only. Love celebrates people of all different sizes. So, why should plus-sized people stay behind?

Now we do understand that when it comes to dating, there might be a bit of taboo associated with plus-sized people. And our job is to break those myths and guide these people so that they too can have a healthy dating life.

So, today we are going to empower all the lovely plus-sized people in the world who want to have a shot at love and want to jump into the dating pool by presenting some valuable and effective tips. So, be sure to follow through.

How to make Dating Effective for Plus-sized People?

Plus-sized people are often made to feel bad about their bodies by the world, either directly or indirectly.

The degree of body-shaming they go through is ridiculous. They are usually asked to settle down with whoever they get because they are told that they aren’t good enough and they would have to settle for less.

Well, we certainly don’t agree with this thought process. We believe in body positivity and the creation of a world where the diversity of body shapes and sizes is celebrated.

At the same time, one can’t deny how intimidating it is for a plus-sized person to get comfortable in a dating scenario. We hope the following tips would help combat those intimidations.

Don’t try to be the Epitome of Compromise

Plus-sized people carry the baggage of mental trauma throughout their lives wherein they are ridiculed, made fun of, and belittled for their weight. This is a heavy blow to their self-confidence. Naturally, they carry the burden of this abuse to their dating life and are often seen making heavy compromises.

You can’t do that. Yes, we agree that love requires making adjustments and you should be no exception, but to go out of your way and convince yourself that you don’t deserve better is not ideal.

This is the first change in your attitude you need to bring if you want to have a healthy dating life. You are worthy, so don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Wear Your Plus-Sized Tag as Your Armour

Nothing is more attractive than someone owning up to their raw self.  When your prospective partner sees you celebrating your so-called weakness of being a plus-sized person, he or she will naturally draw inspiration from you and eventually find you attractive.

It is okay to be humble and self-deprecating at times, but too much of it can make you a boring and one-note character.

For instance, you don’t have to pretend less hungry and order less food when you go out with your date for dinner since doing so would be inauthentic. Order whatever you want to eat and club it with humor.

Own up to the fact that you are a plus-sized person and wear it like your armor or shield.

Eliminate Body-Shammers from Your Dating Pool

Next up, you need to clear your tabs of all those who body-shame you. Many times, you will come across people in the dating world who are sexy, attractive, and intelligent whom you draw towards.

But if they turn out to be a bigot and shame you for your body size, you need to wave goodbye to them immediately.

There is a difference between people who genuinely mean well for your health and those who want you to completely change your body for them. You are wise enough to spot the difference between the two.

So, the attraction that you feel towards a person will be no match for his or her intolerance towards your body shame. So, get rid of them as soon as possible.

Get Comfortable with the Idea of Rejection

This is one of the toughest dating tips since we can empathize with you on how prevalent the idea of rejection is for people who don’t have a conventional body shape.

The reality of the situation is that you might face a lot of rejections for absurd reasons.  Don’t let that get in your head. Be comfortable with the idea of rejection. Think of it as good riddance.

But fortunately, since there are so many plus size dating sites coming up these days, you will be able to meet up with more like-minded people who would appreciate you for who you are and not judge you.

Understand the Difference between Attraction and Fetish

In the dating world, you might come across people who would shower you with compliments about your body and would try to win you over. Now, whether you are attracted or that person is genuinely attracted to you or simply has a fetish for plus-sized people is what you need to figure out.

We aren’t saying fetishes are wrong. It is a natural sexual craving and you can choose to be with someone who has a fetish for plus-size people. However, a long-term relationship with them usually doesn’t work out.

You need someone with whom you can celebrate relationship milestones, not someone who vanishes after a few months. So, understand who is genuinely attracted to you as a person and who is only sexually attracted to you for your body.

Say No to Hideout Dates

You might come across wonderful people who are into you and want to forge a relationship but are ashamed of what people would think of them when they see them with you.

These people usually plan hideout dates meaning they would take you to not-so-popular or crowded restaurants or would ask for a date at a time when they would be seen by few people or would organize home dates.

Steer away from these people because if someone doesn’t have the guts to own their love for you, they don’t deserve you.

Don’t Talk Only about Your Weight

Although sharing details and talking about your struggle with your weight is important and can help you establish a bond with your partner, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

You don’t necessarily want to become a one-note character who only brings topics of weight and body size to the conversation. If you overdo it, your partner will eventually get tired of it and think of you as self-obsessed.

Just imagine he or she doing the same with you. For example, he or she talking about their failed career all the time can be exhausting. So, try to balance it out.

Follow these tips and be unapologetically yourself.