7 Hacks for a Safe and Smart Two-Wheeler Ride

Several people love to ride two-wheelers as it gives them immense joy. Just as it is important to check the air pressure in the tyre and fuel level before heading out on long journeys, it is important to keep these hacks in mind for a safe and smart ride!

Safety Gears

While riding a bike many people wear accessories. The primary concern should be about safety and not how cool one looks. Wearing casual clothes for riding a bike will give you zero protection. Helmets are the most important accessories of all so make sure you have a helmet with ISI certification.

Wearing glasses or goggles while riding a two-wheeler will protect your eyes from bright light, strong wind, and dust. Jackets are important to protect one from harsh weather and protect the skin during an accident. Gloves improve the grip and reduce the risk of accidents due to losing grip on the vehicle.

Mobile Phone Holder

Using a mobile phone while riding is a punishable offense and can attract a penalty of up to Rs.5000. Sometimes one might need to use it to navigate to places so, one can purchase a mobile phone holder that can hold your phone and help in navigating without the rider having to handle the phone while riding.

Bluetooth Lock

Many people forget to lock their two-wheelers or even think it to be unnecessary to lock their two-wheelers while going into a store for a few minutes. For such people, a Bluetooth lock is something that is installed on either side of the bike tyre that is connected to the rider’s phone. One can lock or unlock their bike easily with just a tap on the mobile phone. It gives the rider peace of mind and extra protection from thieves.

Carry a Repair Kit

Carry a basic tool kit that can carry spark plugs, screws, clutch wires, etc. This will really help when there is a sudden emergency and there are no mechanic shops nearby.

Check Emissions

Two-wheeler owners must check their bikes for emissions regularly. Exhaust fumes from the tailpipe are very harmful to the environment. If emissions from the bike do not adhere to the permissible limits, get the engine fixed. Constantly change the spark plug and mobile oil to reduce the emissions.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

It is very dangerous to ride when it rains heavily. Lack of visibility is a nightmare for bike riders and it leads to a high risk of accidents. Before stepping out check the weather forecast and one can avoid driving in bad weather conditions


No matter what safety gear one uses if there is an unfortunate incident that occurs, insurance is what can help a person financially. Insurance providers also provide roadside assistance in case of a breakdown which can prove to be a timely benefit. Owning a two-wheeler insurance policy is one of the smartest hacks one could have.

These are some tips for a smart and safe ride. If you have a pillion rider, make sure they have the right safety accessories and helmet too. Before one begins to drive, one must be mindful of the state of mind and alertness. Driving while one is angry, for instance is not wise as one may react poorly and get into a scrap.

Keep these tips in mind and always aspire to be a responsible rider.