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7 Helpful Questions to Ask your Aesthetic Doctor

Aesthetic surgeries provide us with the most straightforward way of enhancing our physical appeal. They also help us reverse signs of aging but to get the results you desperately need. You must be aware of what the procedure entails and probably if it is right for you.

Dr. Lim Ming Yee of My Medical Aesthetics believes this is true because our bodies react very differently to different treatment types. That is not even the end.

It is also prudent that you know your preferred aesthetic clinic in and out because these facilities are not made equal. Sometimes poor results are due to getting treated by less experienced or unqualified doctors. In today’s guide, we break down the helpful questions you should ask your aesthetic doctor.

What are the best aesthetic procedures you can recommend for me?

Aesthetic procedures are unique. Someone may look dead gorgeous after undergoing a procedure, but that’s no guarantee that the procedure will deliver the same results for you.

Any experienced aesthetic doctor knows this, but it is still important that you ask this question. You will, therefore, book a consultation with the surgeon.

During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the available options in the facility and advice on the ones they believe are right for you. Factors that may influence whether you qualify or not qualify for a procedure include your medical history and how severe your situation is if you’re correcting a condition.

Do you have any before and After Photos?

You don’t want an amateur doctor with no clue how to do any aesthetic correction to start inserting needles or using chemicals on your skin. However, you may not outright determine whether your doctor is an amateur or not by just looking at him or her.

Your best bet, therefore, is to request their before and after photos. A good aesthetic doctor will share the photos without a second thought.

Is There Anyone Who Can Recommend Your Services?

If the doctor has a few before and after photos, they certainly have a few loyal clients they won’t mind connecting you with. Be sure to ask about their experience with the surgeon.

Either way, if the company has some amount of digital presence, check their social media pages such as Facebook and see what past customers say about them. You may also find the reviews on the facility’s website.

How often do you perform this procedure?

It’s common knowledge that the more you continue doing something, the more skillful you get at it. The same applies to aesthetic surgery.

Just to be sure that you’re working with someone who is a master of their art, don’t forget to ask your aesthetic doctor this question. This will psychologically prepare you for the procedure since you’ll be confident that you’re working with a subject matter expert who knows what they’re doing, and if there will be any complications, they’ll give you a better way out.

What is it that I should or should not do before and after the procedure?

The success of complicated aesthetic procedures, such as acne scars removal, depends on how you prepare for the procedure and how you take care of yourself after the procedure. A qualified aesthetic doctor should give you the right direction to follow, so you’re aware of the possible risks and know how to avoid them.

How Long Should I Wait before Seeing the Results?

There are a few procedures that you’ll be able to see the results almost immediately. There are also a few that will require you to be a bit patient before you can notice anything. Your doctor should, therefore, give you a rough timeline on when to expect the results.

What is the Cost of this Procedure?

Now, this is one of the most important questions you should never overlook or forget to ask. A good aesthetic doctor will discuss all the prices with no hidden fees if you want them.

Because of the nature of aesthetic surgeries, many of them are a little costly. Besides, most insurance companies consider aesthetic treatments elective, so they may not cover some of this kind of treatment.

There are, however, a few procedures that some insurance providers partially or fully subsidized. Therefore, it is important to know the prices beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises. Check with your insurance company also to see if they can help you with the payment.

The Bottom Line

Before booking any session, insist on one-to-one consultation, so you have first-hand experience of the facility’s level of professionalism. Be sure also to know your surgeon well and be comfortable with the doctors and the facility.

It is also advisable that you ask any questions you may have about the procedure and the facility. Expert aesthetic doctors will gladly respond to all your questions. If you haven’t found a clinic, drop us a line today, so we can arrange for your one-on-one consultation when you’re free.