7 Industries That Can Benefit from Inbound Call Center Services


Inbound calling has become a key component in giving your business an edge over the competitors. With so many players in the market for any given industry, it is a superior customer experience that makes you stand out from others.


Whether the offering is a product or a service, no industry is impervious to these three aspects – inquiry, troubleshooting, escalation. It’s the way a business handles these aspects that decides whether a customer becomes your brand ambassador or a detractor. And inbound call services play a significant role in this.

Though they benefit every business, here are 7 industries that have seen a stark improvement by outsourcing their inbound call center requirements:

  • Automotive Industry

Auto retailers, parts distributors, auto body shops, dealerships, car leasing agencies, rental agencies, sales and service centers have utilized these services to improve customer experience and, consequently, sales figures. By outsourcing their inbound call requirements, these businesses can

  • Set up appointments
  • Book rental reservations
  • Offer BDC call center support
  • Handle warranty registrations
  • Process insurance claims
  • Take care of order placement for new parts
  • Respond to calls for roadside assistance and more.

For rental services and roadside assistance, it is imperative that the inbound call center you select remains up and running 24×7.

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Considering the volumes of calls any BFSI agency gets in a day, it makes sense that they outsource them to service providers who excel at managing the inbound call needs of the BFSI brands. Credit unions, retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, internet banks, money lenders, financial advisors, financial planners, insurance agencies, accountants and mortgage brokers outsource their inbound call management for:

  • Queries on books & records
  • 24×7 Bank helpline
  • Assistance with loan or mortgage applications
  • Claim assistance and more.

With BFSI businesses, data security is perhaps the most crucial aspect. Also, as customer queries tend to be quite complex, the customer call representative must have the know-how and tact to handle them. When you outsource your services to a third-party service provider, make sure to check these boxes.

  • Chemical & Pharma Industries

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries rely on inbound call center outsourcing to engage customers and to work with suppliers in a cost-effective manner. Some of the services they outsource are:

  • Order management & fulfillment
  • Pricing & availability requests
  • Prescription services
  • Drug information hotline
  • Emergency response and more.

These industries are live on the edge of innovation, as their offerings get continuously updated and new breakthroughs are made. Also, queries related to drugs can often vary on the scale of urgency. The inbound call representative must be able to handle technical inquiries and respond to emergency queries with proficiency and compassion.

  • Education Sector

As the quality of education is building up across the globe, so are the challenges associated with it. The amount of communication and inquiries during the admissions season is enough to detract even the most noteworthy institutions.  Outsourcing inbound call requirements allow these institutions to run effectively and focus on providing high standards of education that the students deserve. Some of the services offered to educational institutions are:

  • Appointment setting
  • Course inquiry
  • Admission status
  • College festival, event or conference registration
  • Emergency hotline
  • Bookstore support services
  • Fundraising inquiry and more.

The people engaging with an educational institution expect a higher standard of communication and etiquette from their representatives. It is vital that the call representative, too, reflects a respectable image of the institution. Make sure, when you select the service provider for inbound call management, that the agents are well-groomed and adept in communication.

  • Media & Entertainment

In the last decade, the shape of the media and entertainment industry has changed dramatically (pun unintended). Customers expect more, not just in terms of quality of content, but also in its availability. All the channels of broadcasting, cable, advertising, digital media, filming, sports, music, publishing, gaming and entertainment have to take up their services up a notch if they expect to remain in this competitive sector. Inbound call services help precisely with this through:

  • Customer care inquiries
  • Subscription renewal services
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Audience call-in management and more.

As streaming services grow in number competing with practically every other type of business in the industry, make sure to stand out with the call  that best reflects your brand in tone, content and professionalism.

  • Healthcare

The healthcare industry is spread across a spectrum of providers, including clinics, private practices, hospitals, government healthcare organizations, home health companies, medical transportation companies and so forth. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, providing excellent patient service is not only your responsibility, but also the key to your survival. Some of the inbound call center services listed below help your practice, not just survive, but thrive:

  • Emergency helpline
  • Appointment management
  • Insurance verification
  • Claim processing
  • Inbound patient care surveys
  • Billing enquiries management and more.

As the world of healthcare is a sensitive and dynamic one, compliance on all ends is crucial to your practice. Before you begin with inbound call center outsourcing, make sure that the call center partner you select is HIPAA compliant.

  • Real Estate

As globalization is blurring physical boundaries, the demands of real estate services are rising accordingly, and so is competition. Whether you’re a real estate firm or a portal, broker, contractor, builder, property developer, inbound call services  help you in making your real estate business a success. Some of these services include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Chat & Email support
  • Enquiry handling
  • Handling overflows calls and more.


The industry may change, but the principles don’t. Attention to customer satisfaction, leveraging technology and 24×7 accessibility are the common factors to succeed at inbound call services and management.

At Expert Callers, we guarantee this success with our knowledge base created over 13 years, our skilled agents who represent your brand with finesse, and finally, the drive to create a stellar brand reputation for all our clients.