7 Reasons to Try Fly Fishing

Whether you are looking to enjoy fresh fish for your meal, looking to enjoy time outdoors basking in the sun, or simply just love fishing, then you should consider fly fishing. This activity requires intimate knowledge of the fish you are hunting and patience to be successful. Here are some reasons why fly fishing should appeal to you.

It is challenging

As opposed to conventional methods of fishing such as spin fishing, fly fishing is a challenging and rewarding experience. It usually involves trying to fool a fish to bait an artificial fly that is made with feathers, insects, animal hair, or whatever the fish are feeding on. One of the major lures of fly fishing is that it allows you to challenge yourself. Even the most experienced still find it challenging, with something new to be learned as you practice this activity. Fly fishing is usually a game of tactics, as it requires you to know what the fish feed on, and the convenient time to catch them. Fly fishing is a humbling experience that requires patience and perseverance. Those who take the activity to heart consider it as a purer form of fishing. While trout is the main type of fish caught through this method, it can be used to catch any type of fish. Fly fishing is also a fun way to experience nature upstream or on mountains.

It’s a good workout

While you will be enjoying your time outdoors as you interact with nature, fly fishing also gives you the chance for a good workout. Going for such an activity means you will be naturally working out and enjoying fresh air. While fly fishing can be done from a drift boat, you will get a better experience and workout by wading your way upstream as you look for your catch. In addition, swinging the rod back and forth is a good exercise for your arm muscles.

It is cheap

Fly fishing is not a hobby that will break the bank, with a wide variety of quality cheap fly fishing rods readily available. Some of the available options include single-handed rods that are best for trout and saltwater fishing, or double-handed rods that can used for fishing salmon. Even if you are on a budget, all that is needed is a rod with a line and some flies. You can even tie your own flies for a fraction of the cost of buying them. Click here for some of the most recommended fly tying kits. While there are some places where you may be required to pay a small fee, the numerous rivers and canals mean you can do it for free.

It can take you around the world

If you love travelling and exploring nature, then packing your rod and fly should be a no brainer. Fly fishing will allow you to experience some of the most pristine natural habitats. Since the various type of fish species live in various habitats, it will also challenge you to study them as you find ways to catch fish. However, it is advisable to be respectful of any fishing rules that may be set up. These rules allow for sustainable fishing as well as protecting the environment. One such fly fishing enthusiast is Charley from England. She says she has been practising this hobby in some of the most beautiful places in England and would like to visit New Zealand, which she considers a fly fishing nirvana and try out saltwater fly fishing. She considers this to be high on her bucket list and is thrilled at the prospect of fishing there alongside crocodiles.

It is relaxing

Being outdoors on the water enjoying the fresh air is a relaxing experience. Your mind is totally at ease as you concentrate on the task at hand. Since it requires patience and concentration for that elusive catch, your mind gets to relax and meditate. Being outdoors also means your body gets to produce serotonin. It is also referred to as a happy chemical, which contributes to our wellness and happiness. This means that when our bodies have higher levels of serotonin, we reduce the chances of developing depression. Therefore, one can consider taking up fly-fishing as a form of escapism that is fun, calming, and good for your mental health.

It is a good bonding activity

Getting outdoors and spending time with friends and relatives fly fishing can be a good bonding activity. It allows people to spend time together as well as explore nature and all the amazing things it has to offer. Since it requires some skills, it can be a fun activity teaching someone else about it. Furthermore, you can get to meet new people who enjoy the same passion. This means that you can learn a lot from more experienced anglers. You will also have the rare chance of learning more about the environment as well as appreciating nature.

No need for smelly bait

Some of the fishing costs will go towards purchasing bait. Fishbait is smelly and this may lead to storage issues, or some people may be repulsed by the smell. However, fly fishing only requires you to have the appropriate fishing gear and some flies. Although casting will require some practice, it will be easier and satisfying once you get a hold of doing it. You can also engage in fly fishing activities all year round on running water. Even when you are not going to fish in the river, you can build a pond at your home.


Fly fishing is truly a fun and satisfying activity. It allows us to get in touch with nature. Since it is a challenging activity, there is always something new to learn. It is also an addictive activity in a good way, and once you get hooked, you will not look at water the same way again. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.