7 Secret Indoor Exercises That Don’t Feel Like Exercise

Staying motivated and on track with your workouts can be challenging. The secret to success with implementing an effective workout routine is making sure that it is fun. Including exercises and activities that you enjoy will make it easier for you to commit your workouts and instead of dreading exercise, you will start looking forward to sweating.

Consistency is also key to achieving your fitness goals. Minimising interruption to your workout schedule is crucial in keeping your workout schedule on track. If the weather is not looking great outside, it can be easy to talk yourself out of heading outdoors to exercise. On the other hand, if you have a fun indoor workout to look forward to you will be much more likely to show up. This means less missed workouts, more consistent workouts and better results to keep you motivated.

Let’s take a look at seven indoor exercises that don’t even feel like exercise to add to your workout regime.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is great fun and a surprisingly effective way to break a sweat. Running around the table tennis table, stretching for the ball and staying on your toes is a great cardio workout. Whether you choose to play in your garage at home or join a local club, table tennis is a great way to burn some extra calories while having fun with your friends.


Whether you take classes at your local dance studio or you boogie around your living room to your favourite tunes, dancing is a great calorie burner. The great thing about dancing is it never feels like exercise! Go it alone, grab a partner and get your groove on to improve your cardio, burn fat and have fun.


Yoga has become increasingly popular over the last number of years with new local studios and online-platforms popping up all the time. Depending on the style of yoga you choose, this ancient form of exercise can be relaxing and meditative or intensive and sweaty. Yoga is a great way to increase mobility, improve flexibility, build strength and maintain your mental health.

Martial Arts

Learning martial arts is a lifelong journey for many and there is a range of different styles that you can choose from depending on your interests. From Muay Thai to Karate to Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Judo and aikido, martial arts help to focus the mind while providing a full-body workout.

Video Games

While sitting on your couch playing video games will burn some calories, it’s not quite as effective as interactive games. Nowadays, there is a range of active, movement-based games that require participants to workout, without even realising it. Wii Sports and Dance Dance Revolution are two fantastic choices to get you moving while having a great time.

Live Workout Classes

There are plenty of online fitness classes that you can play on-demand. However, recently live workout classes hosted on Zoom and other platforms have become more popular than ever. These live workout classes are interactive, fun and engaging offering you an opportunity to escape to the fitness studio without leaving home. You’ll be having so much fun with your online workout buddies, you won’t even notice the time passing.


For one of the most effective indoor workouts that don’t feel like working out, consider giving boxing a try. Join a local club, shadowbox in your bedroom or hang a bag in the garage. Whatever path you pursue, be sure to embrace your inner Rocky, have fun and enjoy the process of learning a new skill that is guaranteed to keep you fit and lean.

Mix Up Your Workouts And Have Fun

To stay on track with your fitness goals, be sure to mix up your workouts from time-to-time, try new things and incorporate new fun activities in your workout schedule. Taking a fresh approach to your training will ensure that you have fun, enjoy your workouts and get better results going forward.