7 Successful Public Relation Tactics

Public relations (PR) campaigns combine many strategies and tactics that work together to achieve a common goal. Popular PR tactics include traditional media pitching, social media posts, video production, live events, community events, targeted partnerships, and thought leadership.

PR professionals will piece together tactics and layer them into a comprehensive campaign to promote product launches, make major business announcements, and manage brand awareness.

With so much technological advancement and digitalization over the last decade, the PR industry has become more dynamic. Trends now move much faster than they did before, which means PR tactics in campaigns are constantly forced to adapt.

Here, we will discuss some PR tactics that will help you achieve your campaign goals seamlessly.

Smart Public Relations Tactics To Try

1. Lay a Groundwork with Journalists

Journalists have a tough job. They have to sift through hundreds of press releases and media alerts to find and report on the most relevant news of the day. It can be incredibly difficult to capture their attention!

Proactive networking with journalists can help you stand out from cold emails.

Establish a relationship with media personnel by attending events that they’re at, calling them instead of emailing them, and keeping in touch with them as a person (i.e., ask them about their families and pets before diving right into business!).

Building genuine, long-lasting relationships with reporters will help your releases land on the top of their consideration pile.

Another way to accomplish this tactic is to offer friendly journalists exclusives on major breaking news, meaning you won’t share the news with any other publications.

This can not only help build great relationships with media personnel, but it can also help you get your foot in the door for future collaborations.

2. Smart Use of Social Media

Trying every single social media platform is like throwing paint on the wall and seeing what will stick. PR professionals should approach social media management curiously and carefully.

After all, there are only so many hours in the day, and you can’t work on social media around the clock!

Do significant research on which platforms might be best aligned for your company before taking the leap.

Then, outline content pillars, tonal guidelines, and brand guidelines before producing and publishing content. A smart and cohesive use of social media is a PR tactic that can bring loads of value to any campaign, but each post should be carefully considered.

3. Getting Involved in Controversy

This may seem like a crazy tactic, but it can really work if carried out well. Unfortunately, we live in a world where negative news travels faster than positive news, so causing a bit of an intentional stir can make a PR campaign pop!

Brands might choose to take a stance on a hot-button issue or debut wacky and wild advertising. Either way, breaking the typical rules of PR and making a scene can get peoples’ attention—even if not everyone likes what your brand is doing.

This involves a high level of risk, so be sure to discuss the tactic carefully with your entire team.

4. Participation in Public Events

Participating in or advertising at public events such as sporting games, cultural events, or charity galas is one of the most effective PR tactics you can employ. This is true for two reasons.

First, getting to share your passion for your brand and its products in person is hands-down more persuasive and engaging than a line of copy on a computer. Second, especially if you are participating in a charitable event, your participation will imbue a bit of pathos into your campaign.

Campaigns that do good for the community are more likely to be successful.

5. Tease Your Campaigns

People are curious by nature. Use an often-overlooked PR tactic to play off our human desire to know more: teasing!

To do so, reveal new information on a campaign day by day. Imagine that you are creating a breadcrumb trail for consumers. They want to know more, so they have to stay tuned to your channels as you reveal new clues and nuggets of information.

Not only will this tactic boost engagement, but it will increase buzz and may even result in improved brand awareness. Use this tactic sparingly, though—it should only be employed for the biggest, most exciting announcements in a given year.

6. Collaborate with Renowned Brands

Collaboration or partnership with other brands, especially those that are well-regarded, can work wonders for a PR campaign. This PR tactic builds credibility, introduces brands to new audiences, and opens the door for fun tactics like joint press releases or events.

This tactic is well-suited for cause marketing campaigns but can be used in other instances, too!

How To Get Started

PR is all about communicating with your target audience effectively.

The tactics mentioned above can work together to help you capture attention, make a splash, and create change. Use them in groups, all at once, or individually. Just be sure you’re selecting your PR tactics based on your campaign goals.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan! Ample research and strategy development should occur before you kick off a campaign. A PR firm can help you lay the groundwork for any campaign or manage all or part of your campaign to help you achieve your goals.

This will give you the best chance at success. Good luck!