7 Tips on Choosing Flattering Underwear Bottoms

You need to enjoy wearing your underwear. Not only is underwear crucial for support and functionality, but how you feel about the undergarments that you wear matters for your confidence and self-esteem as well. You should always feel beautiful and happy in all your underwear. While it may seem challenging to find undergarments that make you feel good about yourself, the right style for every woman is out there. Here is some advice for choosing flattering underwear bottoms.

Try finding bottoms that will match with your bras

Underwear is just as crucial for your bottom half as it is for your top half. Think about your bras and their different colors and patterns when you choose underwear for your bottom half. For example, if most of your bras are light pink, try getting a similar shade of pink bottoms to match. This way, the underwear on the top and bottom halves of your body will be matching, which will instantly make you look and feel more put-together. If you wear many bras with patterns, such as animal print, try choosing a pair of underwear with an animal print pattern for a coordinated, fashionable look.

Get an underwear bottom in your favorite color

You probably have at least one top in your favorite color, so why not get underwear in your favorite color as well? Wearing your favorite color should make you automatically feel happier and more confident in what you are wearing. For instance, if you love the color blue, try experimenting with dark and light blue underwear. Do not get underwear in colors that you do not like because you will automatically feel less confident if you do not like how that color looks.

Explore some embellishments

There are plenty of options for cute details on underwear, such as lace and bows. If you like any of these embellishments, pick underwear that has these fun details. Wearing underwear with these little extra decorations will make you look and feel more feminine and fashionable. Of course, be sure to only get underwear with embellishments that match your unique style.

Do not shop based on other people

Trends come and go in all areas of fashion, including underwear. Do not let these ever-changing trends make you feel pressured to change your style. For example, your friends might all be excited about buying lacey intimates, but if lace is not for you, do not purchase it just because other people like it. Remember that everyone has different body types, so shop based on what makes you feel good about your body, not anyone else’s.

Black underwear is always flattering

You can never go wrong with classic black underwear because it is effortlessly sleek and flatters women of all body types. Black is so flattering because it is slimming and will match with every bra in your wardrobe in any color or pattern. The color black also never goes out of style, so it is always a safe and timeless option. Even if you do not love the color black, it is a good idea to have at least one black underwear bottom if you want something flattering for all shapes and sizes.

Only wear styles that make you feel comfortable

There are countless options for underwear styles because everyone has different preferences. While it can sometimes be fun to get out of your comfort zone, do not push yourself to wear something that will not make you feel comfortable. For example, if you see a thing that looks pretty, but you know that you will not feel comfortable with such little support, do not buy it.

Consider what you will be wearing over it

It can be easy to get tempted by all the different colors and patterns when shopping for underwear but do not forget what type of outfits you wear daily. For example, if you often wear white skirts to work and think that people might see bright underwear with a bold pattern underneath, it would probably be better to choose a lighter, more simple option.

Remember to follow this advice when choosing your underwear if you want to look and feel great.


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