7 Ways To Encourage Your Loved One To Go To Rehab

Convincing your child or loved ones to go for rehab can be stressful, to say the least. Appealing to them might herald a family crisis. The addicted fellows may think you are pursuing or stigmatizing them while all you seek to do is to help and show them, love. See below for the 7 ways to encourage your loved one to go to rehab. Meanwhile, if you’re in Forth Worth, get here for the best drug rehab forth worth.

7 best ways to encourage your loved one to go to rehab

The situation is frustrating for you both. They try to fight their addiction but somehow not committed to changes and you while trying to help, are confused for victimizing or stigmatizing them. This will surely end in bad-blood and may sever the relationship between you both.

There are ways to go about this without seeming offensive or unnecessary pushing them to get help. These are the objectives of this post. Enumerated below are 7 of such ways.

Ensure You Understand Their Situation

Educate yourself about the type of addiction they are suffering from and how to help them get treatments. Taking the time to learn about their crisis will show that you care a lot about them. That all you want is their healthy living. This will also ensure you know all the best possible ways to help during treatment.

Support Them

Empathize with them on their condition. Show you understand all that they are going through. Let them know they can rely on you. Show concern, speak with them (make no mistake of talking at them to avoid being construed as accusatory) on their substance abuse crisis, and ask questions about how they feel about their condition.

Foster Responsibility

Let them be responsible for the consequences of their actions. Allows them to take care of themselves by educating them about the effects of their substance abuse. How same is affecting your relationship with them, the kind of treatment best for their addiction, this will sort of in a way create a feeling of remorse in their mind.


Acknowledge the situation they are going through. Denial wouldn’t suffice to help them overcome their addiction. Rather seeks a way to help them.

It’s been said that by only accepting a situation can one muster the strength needed to change the same. Never live in denial as to the problems at hand.

Create Boundary

Creating boundaries will ensure you do not enable them to death through too many uncensored affections. It is hard and may seem cruel to do this but setting boundaries will greatly help you both.

Once they know you are not supportive of their actions they will try to find ways to please you which in this case is going for rehab.

Stop borrowing them money for an unknown cause, ask questions about what they do need the funds for, if they don’t give good and substantial reasons, don’t give or borrow them.

Ensure you don’t help them out of financial crisis until they are determined to stay healthy and clean of substance usage.

Your Health Matters Too

Try to stay healthy yourself. Your mental and overall physical wellbeing is of topmost priority. Too sicken souls cannot possibly take care of each other. Do not allow their addiction to get at no matter how heartbreaking it may be.

Ensure you practice self-care by eating properly, exercising, ensuring proper sleeping habits, try to seek fun yourself.

You don’t need to be remorseful or full of regrets for their action as this mal allow depression and anxiety to set in for you. Avoid the case whereby the carer becomes the one who needs to be cared for (This may sound funny, but it is a complicated matter)

Seek Help

Have people who they respect talk to and help persuade them to embark on rehab. Make sure those who would be involved here are people you both trust.

Seek prompt medical attention for them in the case of a worsening situation. While intervening, make sure you do not sound accusatory or blame them for their predicament, rather show them reasons why they need to get treated. Ensure you are accurate with your information, be polite but firm, and let other team members trying to help be made aware of all these conditions too.