7 Ways To Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery

If you are suffering from back pain for the last three months or more, then it is time you should consult a doctor. Approximately 80% of adults worldwide suffer from back pain. Sometimes, the doctors suggest you go for surgery to get rid of the pain. Sometimes, the pain occurs mainly because of sudden weight gain or body movement.

However, the treatment doesn’t always require surgery, and it could be treated without going under the knife. But since the root cause of chronic pain differs from person to person, the treatment is not the same for everyone. Here we will discuss 7 ways for your lower back pain relief that doesn’t require any surgery.

Physical Therapy

Some types of back pain can be healed by proper physical therapy under an experienced and certified therapist’s guidance. Before you begin your therapy session, it is very important to know the cause and the patient’s physical condition. Sometimes, the patient may feel good, but pushing his body to do some stretching and other physical activity may worsen his condition.

Physical therapy reduces pain very efficiently, and people suffering from back pain should try to stretch their muscles once or twice daily. It helps in healing your pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

Some back pains are not severe and could be treated with prescribed medicines. You can find many anti-inflammatory medicines in your local chemist shop. NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Aspirin provide instant pain relief. Apart from that, you can also use pain-relieving ointments that give instant relief from your back pain in most cases. You can use painkillers for instant pain relief, but you should always ask your doctor before taking them. If your doctor recommends a painkiller along with other medication, you can try it as well.

Get A New Mattress And Avoid Pillow

The cause of your back pain is most probably because of your sleeping position and the uncomfortable mattress. Try to get a new mattress, which is not too spongy and not too hard. When suffering from back pain, it is better to avoid pillows. Pillows make it hard for your spine to maintain the body’s natural curve. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. You can find specially-designed back pain relief mattresses in stores that align your spine, correct your body posture, and ease your pain.

Avoid Prolonged Static Posture

If you have a sitting job, then there’s a chance of having back pain due to the prolonged static position. For those having a sitting job, back pain has become a common issue. To fight the pain, you can take frequent breaks and go for a long walk. This way, you can avoid sitting in the same position for long.

Do Exercise

We all know exercise affects our body positively. Doing regular exercise not only makes your body flexible but also reduces any muscle pain, joint pain, and body stiffness. Regular exercising improves the mobility of your back and keeps the fibers of ligaments and tendons flexible.

When you are suffering from backache, you may feel like resting all the time, but exercise particularly designed for back pain strengthens your back and aligns your spine. Though exercise may take some time to reduce your pain, the result will eventually be long-lasting.

Heat Treatment

Heat therapy is the best remedy for back pain because it boosts circulation and allows oxygen and nutrients to travel to your muscles and joints. This circulation relieves inflammation, improves back stiffness, and repairs damaged muscles. It has significant benefits that make it more effective in comparison to other treatments. It dilates the blood vessels and increases oxygen flow to the muscle, encouraging the healing process.

Healthy Diet And Lifestyle Modification

Maintaining a healthy diet and a better lifestyle can eliminate many health-related problems. Avoiding junk food, refined sugars, food with high amounts of trans fats, and processed food helps you maintain a healthy body and mind. By maintaining a healthy diet, you can reduce your weight.

Make some modifications to your lifestyle. Add long walks to your daily routine, walk to the groceries, avoid using cars, bikes, and other transport modes if you have to travel a short distance. Avoid the activities that can worsen your pain. This way, you can live a healthy, disease-free life and reduce your back pain. Try the methods discussed above to reduce your back pain. If they don’t work, you probably need to consult a specialist to know the root cause of your back pain.