8 Helpful Free SEO Tools

People use the internet to find information. However, the online world is like a vast forest: there are so many things, and one can only see a tiny fraction of it. If you have a totally new website, you face a frustrating problem – the lack of visitors. No one can find your place in the maze of data. How can you change that?

SEO is not some secret method that no one knows about. It has been evolving in tandem with the internet. Understanding SEO is the understanding of how people travel across the web: what routes they choose, what they want to see, and how search algorithms help them to do that. Meanwhile, SEO tools are like marking signs that point at your website – check this out! It might be useful!

If you want to get your website viewed by as many people as possible, you better use those SEO tools. Do not worry if you have no idea where to start. In this article, we listed some best free SEO tools that will help you.

Top SEO Tools For Free

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Let’s start with the leviathan of the internet world – Google. There is no need for the presentation of this company. Everyone knows about it enough. However, not everyone knows what Google Analytics and Google Search Console are.

These Google SEO tools are well-developed data sources, giving its users a thorough commentary on the website traffic, link efficiency, and visitors. It has everything you need to get your website ranking. The wisdom of Google as your assistant – what can be better?

If you want to know more about these tools and learn how to use them, check these two articles.

Ahrefs Free Tools

Ahrefs is an entire SEO toolset that can help with all kinds of things. Do you need to generate relevant keywords for your website? Are you looking for analytics and information? Which backlinks fit your post better? Ahrefs can solve all that and even more for free.

Instead of heaping all those features into some cumbersome package, where you would spend hours comprehending how it works, Ahrefs gives you separate functional tools on their website. You can use them right away without any extra steps – registration or verification.

Also, you can download a free extension for Chrome or Firefox that will report some SEO insights to you.


This is another universal SEO tool with many features. It is also quite easy to use. There is a search bar on the main page. Write a domain or a keyword of importance to you, and you will get immediate feedback. The information you get from it includes

  • keyword overview (you will know how many monthly searches of that or another word, how much Google Ad asks for a click on that keyword, how high the competition in the search, etc.)
  • content ideas (thus, you know what topics are in demand right now)
  • backlink data (what backlinks you should use)

Moz Free SEO Tools

We continue our list with yet another multifunctional toolset – Moz. It has a number of features, some of which are similar to the previous tools and some are not.

For example, MozCast promises to keep you updated on the fickle “weather patterns” of the search algorithms. It is a handy tool if you want to be always aware of SEO trends. Another interesting tool is the verification of your online presence. It shows how hard it is to find your website through search engines and how to change that.

Keywords Everywhere

A free add-on to your browser, Keywords Everywhere will follow you through the internet and websites, indicating search volume, cost per click, and competition data of the used keywords. The beauty of this tool is that it is always with you. When you write something into the search bar, Keywords Everywhere shows the relevant search statistics to you. It saves a lot of time since you do not have to go back to your SEO tool every time you need to check things out.


NitroPack is not an upgrade for your car to win a race. It is a boost for your website, though. As we live in a fast-paced world, we are always in a hurry. A slow website is a mood-killer these days. If your website cannot provide the necessary information in time, the chances are that people will not come back.

NitroPack is a solution to your speed problems and an optimization safeguard that is essential to your success. It will decrease the loading time of your website. The only catch is that you need WordPress for the best delivery.

IsItWP, Free Headline Analyzer

The headline is a significant part of your webpage. It is the first thing people see when scrolling through search results. A great headline makes them click on your website. This tool helps you to get your headline irresistible. It analyzes how the sentence is structured, how well it conveys the message, whether it meets SEO requirements, etc. IsItWP analyzer even checks the level of emotionality to your headline. Is it not useful?


Many other free SEO tools might be helpful for you. This list is about our favorite ones. If you want to get your website SEO-friendly, you better check those out.

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