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9 good reasons to use electric bikes and scooters

What and how many are the real advantages of using a scooter or an electric bike? Here are all the answers and 9 good reasons.

Simplicity: As easy as riding a bicycle, but better … because it’s electric! You have an autonomy of about 30km at your disposal to be able to move comfortably, and if you are too tired, with e-Bikes you have pedal assistance, you just need to fasten your helmet.

Getting through city traffic has never been easier and more relaxing. Lightweight and easy to carry. Suitable for all ages and all types of travel.

Versatility: Today there are so many models on the market that you are really spoiled for choice. Everyone can find the right scooter based on their particular needs. There are versions for children and those for adults.

The models for children are different according to the age groups, while those for adults can differ according to weight, performance or accessories or also based on other characteristics, such as wheels, saddle, handlebars, speed, battery, etc.

There are types with slimmer or more robust wheels depending on the use to be made of them or on the road surface where they will be used. They can be customized and enriched with a series of accessories, such as spotlights, acoustic instruments, luggage racks, cell phone holders.

They can also be equipped with web applications for maps, GPS or to monitor any tampering by third parties.

Eco-sustainability: Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly. They do not produce fumes or emissions because they do not burn any type of fuel. Speed ​​is simply given by the mechanical push of the driver or the battery.

They are an excellent anti-pollution and healthy measure, not only for the environment but also for individuals. Hydrogen models are also being tested but, in any case, these are vehicles that do not cause emissions of atmospheric agents, reducing the problem of pollution, especially in large cities.

Practicality: Even if the scooter was born as a game for children, today more and more adults are becoming passionate about this means of transport. Many teens use it to go to school or for their afternoon activities while most adults also use it to go to work or bring and pick up their children from school.

First of all, you shouldn’t grapple with traffic every morning, risking getting angry or being late and avoiding a lot of nervousness. Since they are foldable, they can be used in a “hybrid” way, that is, taking them with you on buses or on the subway or even making a part of the route on two wheels and part of the journey by car and then leaving them in the trunk.

Health: Arguably, this is one of the most important benefits involving the movement of the whole body and giving the legs a good benefit. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation, burns fat, and prevents many types of diseases also due to a sedentary lifestyle.

A little exercise is recommended by all doctors and every person should find the right sport or the right way to do some healthy movement every day. This great advantage is valid even if you happen to find flat batteries and in any case, you always need a few pushes to start acceleration.

Fun and entertainment: In addition to going to work, the scooter is originally designed for fun and entertainment. Many parents buy scooters for their children because they are very fun, easy to use, and allow you to spend a lot of time outdoors.

This applies to both children and adults as the use of bikes and scooters are an excellent opportunity to go for walks together and spend free time with friends or family.

Portability: Many models also have another important feature, that is, they can be closed and carried on the shoulder, inside a comfortable bag or over the shoulder.

This means that even during long trips or journeys you shouldn’t give up your scooter. Both scooters and bicycles can be foldable, and if so, they can be comfortably housed anywhere and don’t take up much space.

Autonomy: With bikes and scooters, you can go around without any thought and even in solitude. This is a very positive aspect, especially for children who, in this way, can acquire their autonomy in travel.

Economics: You can find models for all budgets, which differ from each other based on the brand and characteristics. The purchase cost, therefore, should not be frightening, as is the case with many other types of vehicles.

Not surprisingly, the price range also consists of a wide range. A lot of money is saved which, otherwise, would have been spent on gasoline for the car or on the subscription to the public transport service.

And above all, there are no costs to be able to circulate, much less maintenance such as coupons or inspections.

On the electric bike manufacturer’s site, you can find the right model that suits your tastes and needs!