9 Things To Consider While Creating Custom Hats

Are you looking for customized headwear but don’t know where to start?

Creating custom caps might seem simple, but a lot goes into creating a cap that fits your needs. The Richardson Caps understands the market trends and has a range of options for creating custom caps. In this article, we will share some industry insight on what all things should be considered while creating a custom cap.

For Whom Are You Designing The Caps?

There are multiple reasons for creating custom hats. People might create custom caps to promote events, display their artistic side, or try a new style. Most people use caps as a marketing strategy for their business or the brand purpose. Using hats as a promotional item has yielded great results for many businesses. They make a style statement and immediately grab attention, which helps people know about your brand.

Whether you are giving the caps to your friends or family or your employees, understanding the potential audience is key.

Selecting The Right Hat Style

Hats have been around for ages. New styles and trends have emerged over the years. There are many styles available in the market. Some of the most popular hat styles for creating custom caps are:

  • Bucket Hats
  • Trucker Hats
  • Cuffed Beanies
  • Unconstructed Five Panels or Unconstructed Six Panels.
  • Camp caps (five panels)

Whether you wish to go with ongoing trends or select the one that suits your style best, there are many options in the market to fulfill your expectations.


Fabric plays an important role in creating a custom cap. Different fabrics are suitable for different designs. It also depends on what purpose the hat will serve. Also, there are various pros and cons of each fabric.

For instance, a cotton or polycotton twill is the most versatile fabric for any kind of cap style. A poly mesh can be used during hot summer days as it allows air to flow through the fabric. From faux leather to easy to clean suede and 100% wool, there are many fabric options for creating customized caps.

The Right Colors

Choosing the right color is essential as it can make or break the cap’s design and appeal. The color you select should look appealing and align with your business theme. Accordingly, you can select a subtle or vibrant color.


For a creative output, it is essential you concentrate on essentials. All successful brands have a simple yet appealing design that aligns with the brand logo. If you wish to create artwork using graphics, use software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You can choose screen-printing for sophisticated designs, embroidery for a classic look, or custom patches if you wish to put in the extra effort. This will make a huge impact on the finished product.

Branding Options

There are infinite options when it comes to representing your brand. Often people underestimate the power of branding. Some popular branding options are:

  • Embossed Leather Patches
  • Woven Patches or Labels.
  • Embroidered Patches.
  • Flat Embroidery
  • 3D embroidery

Apart from these options, there are multiple other options like rubber patches, screenprinting, wooden engraved patches, etc. Correctly representing the brand is important as it speaks a lot about the company.

Custom Hat Closures

Cap closure style shouldn’t be overlooked as it will determine how the cap fits you. At the same time, it should align with the design you’ve chosen for your custom cap.


Depending on how you want the overall look and feel of the cap to be, you have to determine the right size for your cap. Branding options also have a lot to do with the size of the cap. Your design and text should fit well on the cap; otherwise, the cap will turn out to be of no use.

Trust Richardson Caps

The knowledge and expertise of a professional hat company will not only ensure your success but will make them successful too. Choose a company that is willing to listen to you and puts your best interest forward. It is essential to look for a manufacturer who will pay careful attention to detail and guide you in the correct direction. Colors and fabrics are important when it comes to custom hats. You should create a product that is safe, high-quality, and won’t tear apart. Make your hats stand out from the others available on the market.

Knowledgeable professionals will never suggest counterproductive things. Conduct thorough research while finding a custom hat maker; this is extremely crucial. Since there is a lot to choose from, find the one who has a track record of success in terms of customer service and from the manufacturing point of view.