A brief history of poker

Poker. Where did it come from? Who invented it? Like many things that have become popular among the masses, before becoming the most popular of all card games, poker has gone through a centuries-old evolution of its development.

There is an opinion that poker is a fusion of several card games. The very first of which, vaguely resembling poker, appeared in China around 900 AD. e, and that, in turn, evolved from dominoes, when bone tablets were used as playing cards.

In addition, on the Internet, you can find information that the progenitor of poker is the Persian card game “as nas”. They played it with 25 cards, and there were five suits on the deck, and only five people could play it. Unfortunately, we cannot find out more, because very little information about these games has survived.

The facts about the existence of the game, more or less similar to poker, send us to Europe in the 15-16th century. For example, in Italy and Spain they played “primero”, and in France, it was called “laprime”. It is a gambling game that involved the announcement of bets. There were three winning combinations: three identical cards, pairs, and also three cards of the same suit, called a flush.

As time went on, in the 18th-century games appeared as an integral part of which bluff was. Players made high bets with a notoriously bad card in order to knock out other participants from the game for the pot.

These games became very popular and in different countries had their own name, for example, in Germany “pochen”, in England “brag”, “poque” in France. Now each player received not three cards, as a hundred years ago, but five. The rules of the games were different in different regions of the countries, but just like poker, they had several rounds of betting, and the strongest combination, made up of five cards, won.

Around the same period, a game called “teenpatti” was popular in India. This is an Indian game that used a 52-card deck and had circular bets similar to poker in the rules. Also, during the game, terms and phrases similar to poker expressions were used – for example, blinds, pot, etc.

The first written mention of poker was made in 1834. In his book, the traveler Jonathan Greene described a game very similar to poker and called it a “game of cheats”, because often the winner was the one who managed to use the bluff in time, and not who had the strongest hand. This game he met on the deck of a ship sailing along the Mississippi, was played by sailors. The deck consisted of 20 cards and included four suits. The sailors themselves called it poker.

Poker began to really develop with the development of the American coast by French colonists who brought gambling with them. In bars, saloons, houses, and even in the presidential apartments, they played poker. Over time, poker began to resemble something like a national game in the United States. With the advent of casinos, poker has firmly established itself in the niche of gambling card games and gradually became what it is now – the world game.

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