A brief look into why the OneFriends app is winning in the area of high-end experience and close friendships

In the current app ecosystem where there is an app for essentially any relevant need that can be thought of, there is an app that is distinct due to a few reasons. That app is OneFriends, and the app caters to ‘true friendship’ between its users who use the app with only a few select friends.

Since the app launched for iOS in 2020, OneFriends has experienced success in many ways with users now in more than 100 countries. During periods of very fast growth, OneFriends has trended top 3 on the official App Store Charts within Lifestyle apps in particular regions.

There is a very exclusive and polished feel to OneFriends. This follows its expensive pricing of up to $USD300 to buy and own from 2023 to 2024. However, there are periods of big discounts too for supporters following OneFriends prices and looking to purchase at value.

Users pay for or adopt OneFriends because they want something superior in quality, design, and meaning to the usual methods of contacting or connecting with friends. It sets them apart from the crowd without being too explicit about it.

It is about the depth of friendships and keeping these real friends for the long run – not days or months but years.  What enables this connection is a series of features that help users see their best friends regularly in person, through easy-to-organize activities.

However, just like any other high-quality product or exclusive service, it is likely not for everyone.

Those who can appreciate OneFriends will likely love it and probably tell their friends who are similar in values, while those who wouldn’t love something like OneFriends may never hear about OneFriends, to begin with.