A comprehensive list of car insurance add-ons

Although, a good comprehensive policy is all you need to keep your car safe; you can further safeguard it by purchasing motor insurance add-ons. These add-ons not only provide your car with the much-needed safety belt but also give you peace of mind.

Thus, today in this article, we will be providing you with a comprehensive list of add-ons; so that you can choose the ones that suit your car needs, and they are here as follows:

  • Engine protection add-on: The engine is the heart of any motor vehicle; further, it is also one of the more expensive parts, which if damaged would cost you a fortune. But now you can safeguard not only your vehicles’ engine but also its gearbox by opting for an engine protection add-on. This car insurance add-on is a must for your vehicle if you reside in a flood-prone area.
  • Personal accident add-on: This insurance cover ensures that all the physical damages or disability caused to a person in an accident is taken care of under the policy.
  • Key-replacement cover: This add-on covers all the costs related to the replacement of your car keys’ and locks’. Therefore, if you are the forgetful type then it is advised that you purchase this add-on. If you didn’t include it when buying your policy, it can also add it during car insurance renewal.
  • Windshield cover: More than often, your vehicle’s windscreen is the first part of your car to face damage in an accident. Although, your comprehensive coverage will take care of all the minor cracks which your windshield encounters; however, it doesn’t take care of the entire replacement costs. But now you can opt for a windshield cover to replace the entire side windows, rear screen as well as windscreen of your vehicle.
  • NCB protector add-on: NCB (no-claim bonus) is the discount on your premium rewarded by the insurance companies for not making a claim. Thus, by making use of NCBs and driving safely, you can save up to 50% on your next insurance purchase. However, when you make a claim; all of the NCBs that you have accumulated often vanish in thin air. But now you can safeguard your NCBs and lower the premium amount that you pay by opting for this car insurance add-on.

  • Zero depreciation add-on: This car insurance add-on helps you to negate the depreciation factor in your insurance cover and reduces the losses that you face due to the wear and tear of your motor vehicles’ parts. Zero depreciation cover is highly recommended for the ones with expensive parts.
  • Roadside assistance cover: This insurance add-on covers your car against a variety of street perils that may pose a hurdle in your journey. Roadside assistance cover provides you with a number of benefits such as getting your car towed, fixed on the spot, or refueling it. If needed, they will even tow your car to the nearest network garage, so that you can make cashless claims. It’s an essential add-on that most people forget to include when they buy car insurance online as there is no one to guide them & tell them if it’s important. So if you plan to make your insurance purchase over the internet, remember to consider this add-on.
  • Accessories cover: Although accessories do enhance the overall look of your car and might even elevate the performance of your engine; however, they are not covered under your standard car insurance policy. But now you can protect them by opting for an accessories add-on.

These were some of the most important add-ons you should consider when buying motor insurance. Remember that these add-ons can be purchased during car insurance renewal as well if you overlooked them when buying your policy.